Can’t believe the last time I posted a blogpost was a week ago. Probs one of the longest hiatus I’ve had without announcing for one. Anyways, I do apologize for the lack of updates. Have ahd to deal with a few things personally and wasn’t quite in the mood for anything the whole of last week.

I turned 26 last Saturday, I’ve had my birthday dates taken off most of my social media platform for years but am still grateful that my friends remembered =) And well, since I’m in Singapore, I thought it’d be nice of a change to celebrate it without any plans at all this year(Signs of aging eh)

A good friend actually called me up in the morning asking whether I wanted to head out for brunch and since I didn’t had to drive, I couldn’t resist the offer(how typical right). Ended up in this small cafe call Drury at Tanjong Pagar and I must say I’m really liking how the shop has so many T2 tea leaves placed at the front of the shop(hello tea addict)

What I found particularly interesting was this “Pay as you wish muffins. Apparently they’ve had this concept for the muffins since day one and I must say, it’s quite an interesting approach to selling muffins don’t you think?

I did particularly enjoy my Latte. The ice choc was quite decadent too!

Then once we were all well watered and fed, what else more can we do right? Yup, you’ve got it! have more tea!
Headed acrooss to 5 the moment, which I thought is such a cute little cafe. I’ll let he photo speaks for itself. I’ve also recently taken up the challenge of only changing the brightness and contrast on my photos so if you have been enjoying my photos do let me know! It’d mean heaps for me!

But yea, that’s pretty much it! Again, thanks to all those who wished and have a great year ahead!

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