Sunday. Best Starbucks outlet, ever!


不好意思,最近需要处理的东西挺多的,所以一直都没机会上来写游记。都快新年了,今天上班的时候,地铁里也特别空,感觉每个人都已经放假了呢。 昨天,趁着是星期天,就约了朋友出外景拍照了。结果自己也喝了好多好多咖啡,拍了好多照片,过了一个特别愉快的周末。觉得啊,真的好庆幸,从小到大,身边一直都有特特好的朋友的陪伴。剩余的文章就用英文了,毕竟自己的华文也是有限公司,有什么疑问,留个留言我就会尽快答复你了

Heavy post alert. Sorry for the hiatus guys. I’m finally back, good timing too since it’s just CNY around the corner. I had the most enjoyable Sunday yesterday. It was filled with amazing company and much spontaneity. Managed to drag myself out of bed at say half past 10(it’s a Sunday, gimme a break) and got ready for brunch. My friend D picked me up and we headed off to Craftsmen Specialty Coffee(location) for some much brunch action.

They didn’t had my usual eggs benedict on menu so I settled for the three tier brioche and latte whilst D ordered himself a thick toast with scrambled eggs with a cup of cappuccino

Thick Toast with Scrambled Eggs

Thoughts: According to D, the food, despite looking a bit ordinary tasted pretty good. I have to agree the scrambled eggs were quite well done(I might have stole a few bites). Pretty satisfying for a scrambled eggs on toast I must say.
Three tier brioche

Thoughts: Yummmers, I absolutely loved the combination of the three tier brioche. Ham, Eggs and avocado, what’s there not to like right? I did however wished the eggs were abit runnier, but overall, I really enjoyed my dish

So after we were all watered and fed, we headed over to Fullerton to check out Singapore’s 100th store Starbucks on Fullerton Waterboat House, but first, photos along the way

I loveeed the view at along the stretch of the Fullerton Road!The river, MBS, the weather was a little too warm bt, hey, you can’t have it all right.

After a good few ten minutes of hide and seek, we found ourselves at perhaps one of the prettiest Starbucks I’ve ever been!

Classical music, beautiful sunlight and can we just take a moment to appreciate how spacious the place is!

We even managed to get ourselves a one for one voucher! Win

I don’t think D could have survived if I got myself another EBT or Earl Grey(too much caffeine is a extremely hyper Yuki) so Chai it was. Venti sized, of course, how can you say no to big mugs.

And after a good hour or chatting, we thought it’d be nice to do abit of an adventure. Ended up at the reservoir to do some OOTD shots

And it was soon time for dinner. Picked another friend up along the way and headed over to Roberson Quay for some Japanese ramen action. Would love to have remembered the name of the shop but I think my memory is failing me at the moment.

I was still really full so I skipped ramen and ordered some takoyaki instead.

So I guess that’s pretty much it for my Sunday!
How was yours? Chinese New Year is soon too! Back in KL tomorrow night so I’m super stoked!

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