Ah, parents nowadays

So I was having dinner with E the other night and we discussed about the cute things our parents do that do quite make us laugh, it’s funny how now we are now the ones talking about their actions and laughing about it instead.

My parents are very keen learner and are pretty darn well up to date with the the current technology trends

Smart Phones- Checked
Social Media Accounts- Checked
Monopods- Checked

So here are a few things I noticed about parents over the CNY holidays.

My mom has a keychain for her bluetooth camera remote.
Heck I don’t even have a bluetooth remote for my phone camera but my mom has this cute keychain she bought from Korea specifically just for her remote.

A tripod stand, for the monopod
Yes, she has a monopod, and the monopod has a tripod stand. I haven’t even gotten to accept the whole monopod trend just yet. -.-

Slight obsession for selfies
It’s funny how we are no longer as fussed to how we look on photos when it’s a family photo. I really do start to appreciate all the photos taken with my family even if it’s a bad photo of me, I’m not as fussed to having the photos retaken again. It’s even funnier when my parents are the ones now who are much more particular about how they look in photos instead and if it’s not their angle, well, the photos have to be retaken.

……After say about 50 selfie photos
the *short* span of quiet moment after numerous selfie photos
So usually after a good few photos, you’ll see them usually sitting at one corner furiously tapping on their phone. This, usually only means one thing. They are compiling the photos they’ve just took/editing the photos/ uploading the photos on Facebook.

Which filter should I use/How should I caption this?
Okay, my parents don’t usually ask me this question as much because they sometimes will just upload all versions onto their social media platform.And when me and my siblings ┬átell our parents to put down their phones so they can focus on dinner, they usually will brush us off with “Aiya, I’ll be real quick, just let me upload this photo”

Have you seen the photo I posted on Facebook?
So they are sitting right in front of you, they will ask
“Oh so , have you seen the photo I just posted on Facebook? I just posted it, go have a look! ”
“Oh, you didn’t like my picture on Facebook, why ah?”
“Oh, we took alot of nice photos, you wanna see?
Yeah, show me
Oh, it’s on Facebook, go see it”

and if it’s not photos, it’s the games
“Ah girl ah, why haven’t you sent me the ticket on candy crush?”
“I’m at work mom, you just texted me like 5 minutes ago…and aren’t you on a holiday cruise now? Are you making an international call just for this?”

To be honest, I think it’s absolutely adorable. Does your parents do the same?

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