Of korean bbq and flights

Such a whirlwind of a weekend. I touched down in KL and headed straight to Esme for my normal face slimming session, seriously love that stuff. Don’t think there’s that much of a difference now that I’m constantly going for the session, which is a good thing coz it just means my face is starting to remember the shape to retain.
Picture on Left: When I just left to KL. Right: A photo taken just few minutes before I wrote this blogpost
Then I met up with a friend for coffee, which then pretty much took up most my arvo and then headed home to freshen up before heading out for a family dinner at Solaris.
We had dinner at Palsaik. Personally loved the food, good value but I absolutely couldn’t stand how it lacks space. We went on a Saturday night, granted there’s usually alot more people but coz we were seated near the door, it felt very uncomfortable eating. I barely even had space to lift my hands to eat =( .

So to make myself abit happier( mainly coz I couldn’t resist the temptations of ice cream) we headed over to Haagen-Dazs for desserts

I’m usually a HUGE fan of Haagen but I felt this was such a let down! The strawberry and cream was so disappointing! Overly sweet strawberry flavoured chocolate, the cream ice cream was great, def up to Haagen Dazs ice cream standards but the whole dish just lacks a je ne sais quoi

Headed home for some shut eye and woke up the next day making breakfast for myself~ Which to be honest is a luxury to me now given that all my stuff for breakfast is in KL

Spent the rest of the day just lazing at home coz I absolutely refused to head out of the house. It’s been so long since I actually got time to just do nothing at home.

Anyways I am now back in Singapore and I picked up a new fragrance on the way back to Singapore. Didn’t think I’d like the Miss Dior that much(still in love with Chanel’s Noir) but I eventually gave in and bought this at the duty free shop in Singapore.

And that, concludes my weekend, which is a complete opposite of what it was last week(still can’t get over the hike) and I have a feeling this weekend is gonna be another interesting weekend!

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