March Recap

I think I’ve officially broke my own record. For the month of March I’ve not been in Singapore for the weekends. Nelson was just commenting about how every time he texts me on the weekends I seem to always be in either Johor or KL and he was right, I really haven’t quite been around.
Anyways, I’m gonna start something a bit different this time round, perhaps like a recap for the month. Reason? Well, I seriously am starting to believe I’ve got a memory of a bloody damn goldfish and if it weren’t for blogging I wouldn’t have been able to remember half the things I did for the month

It’s been awhile since I went hiking, and this was such a last minute decision. Just listening to the birds chirping, the crickets being crickets( forgive me I’m not that good with words) reminds me how much I really miss being back in Perth.

This month was an interesting one, main reason would def be because of these people here. It hasn’t even been a month but I’ve seen some of these people more than I see some of my family members for the past 3 months alone (Yes yx I’m talking about you) but these people are freaking hilarious to be with! If you guys are reading this, thank you for all the crazy memories, it’s def one I’ll rememeber for life

Of course I made trips back home. It’s the first time I’ve actually get to stay home all day without having to attend any other commitments and boy does it feel good.

And of course since most my weekends ARE spent in Johor, you can’t expect me not to bring up the amazing food I’ve had in the past month. I’ve had the luxury of having damn good and well priced food in Johor, some of my fav includes

DIMSUM at Gui Yuan! (Address) Seriously cannot get enough of dimsum

and desserts from By Grace

It’s funny thinking back how this month turned out, I’ve learn that there’s something call 霸王车 when you are crossing the borders from Singapore to Johor (unlicensed cab drivers), that it takes a good 2 hours just to cross the river when you drive a car (with traffic) and that 酿豆腐 in Johor is actually quite yummy!

I gotta admit, this journey so far has been quite an experience for me. Je ne regrette rien, and I excited to see what April has got installed for me!

Happy April all!

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