Sabah Day 1

I’m finally done with the vlog I made for my trip here in Sabah! I’m still in Sabah as we speak, flying off in a couple of hours back to Singapore but it’s safe to say Sabah has really sparked the sleeping travel bug in me because I’m already really excited for my next trip!
I knew I was going to be in the hotel for the night with minimal access to food so I thought I’d drop by TWG to get myself some macarons. I was suppose, suppose to get a set of 6 but me being me, couldn’t decide on which flavor to get ended up getting a set of 12s. tsk tsk

It’s been a while since I last caught a evening flight and I must say the view is amazing!Fluffy clouds and colorful sky, Mother nature, always such a show off ey =p

Checked into my room. For less than RM200 a night with breakfast included, I must say it’s quite value for money. I’ve decided to stay at Ming Gardens Hotel this time around. I have to admit it’s not the easiest for location but for the room value, it’s pretty worth it!

Woke up in the mornings and decided to work on a bit of photos and video planning.

If you guys are wondering, this bunny jacket is my absolute must have when I fly. Keeps me warm, the hood covers all the unglam situation when I sleep. Cape from Craftholic

The hotel also have a pool, which I didn’t end up using coz I spent so little time in my hotel

OOTD for day 1

Then we headed over to Sutera Harbour for lunch and to meet with the rest of the bridesmaid for our spa session the bride has ever so awesomely booked for us. Did I tell you the view at the hotel is pretty damn awesome?
There was a jetty next to where we had our lunch

and I’m quite in love with the hammock as you can tell.

Quite alot of things happened after our lunch, we had this amazing time at the Spa, which I won’t be talking about but if you are around Sabah, perhaps check out KDCA for their spa sessions, pretty decent!
Headed back to get ready and went off straight to Shangri La’s sunset bar for drinks with the beautiful bride! I’ll have better photos of this place in my next blogpost, You’ll love it I promise!

But that’s it for Day one, pretty chilled out. Didn’t end up taking much photos coz we were so busy catching up but I did manage to get alot of good photos when we went Island hopping on Day 2 so stay tuned!

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