Day 2, Pulau Sapi

Don’t mind my crazy hair going on here, we visited the Islands!
So on the first day, while we were having our spa sessions, Jill asked if we’d like to join them white water rafting. I was actually really keen, but since it required us to wake up at 5(I’d think Nate’d kill me if I got him out of bed at that time) I thought I’d give it a miss. Not wanting to waste the day, I suggested to Farah that we go to the islands instead.
We got to Jesselton Point and bought our island tickets at RM32(excluding the island fee for Malaysians RM3, Foreigner RM 7) and rented our snorkeling mask,headpiece and life vest for RM20. Got on the 11pm boat and off we went to Pulau Sapi.

The islands were incredibly beautiful! Blue skies, fluffy clouds and clear water! I could see the seabed!

There was a place for us to snorkel but we decided we’d do all our crazy stuff first and headed over to the zip lining counter. Keeping in mind, Farah was the one who insisted we did zip lining.

Anyways we bought our tickets for RM64 and got on a boat to the island next to us.
Apparently it was the world longest zip lining between islands too. We got onto the boat and headed to what I think is a far more beautiful(super quiet) island. I mean, look at the view

So we climbed up this hill, probs about 100m of a climb and reached our destination.

I went first, coz my dear friend initially insisted we’d go together, then having her to tell me to go first coz she’d want to see how it’s like HAHA, but I did and I couldn’t be happier. They didn’t end up catching me properly in the end and I was stuck halfway the islands like how Nate was in this picture. No complains but because I got some of the most amazing footages while I was stuck.

I remember the zip lining guy telling me “Welcome to my office” when I told him the view was amazing up there. Imagine going to work with a view like this everyday! I def wouldn’t mind =p

Went back to the islands and spent the rest of our time snorkeling in the waters, which probs explain why I have a serious tan going on but heck, so worth it. Got on back to the boat at 2PM and headed back to KK

I’ll be blogging about my dinner next at Shangri-La, had such an amazing time I can’t wait to share but this is it for now =D
Have a great Wednesday guys, we are nearly done with the week!
And if you’ve not seen my vlog I made yet, here you go

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