High Tea and the musical

I love weekends! They are by far the best! I fell really ill on Friday and have had to take the day off but on Saturday after heaps of medications I felt so much better and dragged myself out of the bed to meet gb for tea at Intercontinental . The place, is so amazing! High ceilings,beautiful chandeliers, how can you possibly not love high tea

Since there was the 2 of us, we ordered ourselves a peranakan set and the english tea set.

The food however was quite a disappointment. It was really salty and both me and gb just didn’t quite enjoy the food as much.

But the hotel itself is beautiful. A little tour around the hotel and we were so in love with the interior decor. Of course, photos were taken..Btw I had a sticker tattoo of a planet stuck on for the day(since I knew we were going to take photos)

On Sunday, Me, Vin and YC went for the Beauty and the Beast musical. Since we couldn’t take photos while we were there,here’s a photo of the cast that was performing that night. THEY WERE FREAKING AMAZING. I enjoyed the musical so so much, if you ever do get a chance to catch them, you def should!

Got Vin to help take a photo of my OOTD.

You can see my tattoo much better here and my headgear I got from Lovisa when they were having their 30% discount

YC then brought us to Chicken Up at Tampines for dinner.

Need I say there was really quite alot of chicken but the highlight of the meal would def be the watermelon Soju(yes Yuki, alcohol, why am I not surprised)

and that guys, was my weekend. It’s Kukup this weekend and I’m mega thrilled! Can’t wait to take more photos!

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