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(Blogpost written on the 1st of April, you’ll see why later)
Ever since I got to Singapore, I’ve been putting a lot lesser effort to take care of my hair. I’ve not had a chance to visit my fav hair salon for treatments and it’s def driving my hair insane.
With the humid weather I’ve had to battle with frizzes, not to mention split ends( I’m thiis close to moving back to KL just for the hair salon) and hair loss.
I’ve tried countless different shampoos, some not as suitable(experience a period of time when I’ve had horrible hair lost due to the food and stress and less suitable shampoo) and I have to say it’s been quite a bit of a journey to finding something suitable. Manoah and Tsubaki Malaysia has been ever so awesome to send me their shampoo to try. I’ve always had a thing for Japanese haircare and skincare, there’s just something about their products that is always so ever appealing for me.

However, I have to admit I was skeptical at first, I mean I’ve had some memories with a certain shampoo that didn’t quite make friends with my hair, as much as I’m a huge sucker for packaging, if the shampoo don’t go well with my hair, I still can’t bring myself to continue using it, hence the constant search for a shampoo suitable for my hair. So prior to using this shampoo, I thought I’d do a bit of a research, I mean, that’s prob one of the reasons to why you are reading my blog too right?

Tsubaki means camellia flower in Japanese (椿) and the oil is often used for beautiful hair for centuries in japan. It is a premium haircare product made in Japan and priced super reasonably and I was blessed enough to be given to try the shining series.The shining series, they claim to give shininess from every angle! It’s a pretty huge claim don’t you think so I was really excited to try it.

The first thing I noticed about the package was the scent of the shampoo, camellia flower. I have barely even took it out from it’s plastic packaging but the scent of the shampoo just kinda filled up the car. Even my guy friend who had to send me home that time had to comment how good it smelt!

The Shampoo consist of melanin reparative ingredients(Arginine) which contributes to the internal shininess of the hair and camellia oil for external shininess of the hair.
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.29.45 AM

They were ever so awesome to give me the full size bottles and the hair mask to try.
If you asked me which was my fav product of them all, I’d say it’s def hands down the hair mask. I applied it on as usual after my conditioner in the shower and after say about 5 minutes, which is still a relatively short time for a hair mask, I washed the hair mask off and thought to myself “ This is some serious stuff”

No joke! My hair was left feeling like silk and this hair mask triumphs all the other hair mask I’ve tried, HANDS DOWN. I walked out of the shower telling Nat(she was in the room when I was done showering) that it was a MUST for her to try it.

So there you go, I’ll come back and update this blog to how it does actually help repair more on my much damaged hair in the next 2 weeks(Yes I have that much faith because I’m seriously seeing results)!

Verdict as of 1st April
Love the shampoo, it foams up nicely making things so much easier and my hair is left smelling amaaaaaazing(am quite in love with the scent of camellia now for the whole day. 
The conditioner works pretty well too but in my case ( the much damage hair case) I find myself having to reach out to the hair mask to end the haircare routine.

Pictures: Photos of my hair before using the shampoo


So did it live up to it’s shine from every angle claim? Honestly, I believe my hair is waaay too much damaged to be shining from every angle but I have to admit it is a lot glossier than usual and my hair de
Will I repurchase?
Def yes

As of 14th April
My hair condition has improved significantly. I made a trip to Sabah and have had to rely on horrible hotel hair dryer and shampoo so I was already expecting my hair to be all frizzy from the beach but nope, not the case. I’m really really liking this series and I’m def . This is especially impressive when you’ve got mega limited access to hair care when you are on a beach holiday!

Pictures: Recent photos of me AFTER using the Tsubaki shampoo series


As of 29th April, which is today, here’s how my hair looks under the sun/around and about. If you haven’t read about it already, I was in Kukup for the weekend, and under the sun quite a fair bit and my hair has been so good to me!

As you can tell from 4 weeks of using the shampoo, my hair is def alot less frizzier. It’s alot shinier even without hair oil and I’m really really loving the change!

Shampoo/Conditioner Price starts from RM18.90 for 220ML
Tsubaki Shining Hair Mask priced at RM44.90

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tsubaki.my?fref=ts

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