Atlas Coffee Embassy

So on Labours Day, before driving back up to KL, we managed to snuck in a little trip to the cafe in Johor. Headed over to Atlas Coffee Embassy to grab a cuppa for the road
It was probs around 830 that morning, so the place was nice and quiet,which is exactly how I like it. I loved how the place have big huge glass panels so the place was showered with plenty of sunlight.
Very minimalistic kinda decor, which is really comforting on a Friday morning.

May I interest you with a good magazine?

or maybe, some flowers.

I’ll take it all, haha, the vase of flowers weren’t meant to be there. I just kinda borrowed it from their tables for photo purposes.

Got myself a cup of latte and ordered the usual benedicts.

The food didn’t quite leave a very lasting impression on me. Whilst it was good, it just didn’t quite hit the mark of me having to remember and to rave it to my friends, it wasn’t bad, just wasn’t that good either. The coffee however was quite decent so if you are around in town and want a nice place to chill, this is a place I would quite suggest going.

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