Cotton Candy Affogato

So eating in Johor can be tricky, plenty of options and limited eating quotas. It’s a good thing I’ve always got a bunch of peeps who are quite into the whole trying new cafes and restaurants thing
新山的食字路口 就是个很不错的选择。价钱公道之于味道也很不错~
So there’s this taiwanese restaurant that particularly caught my heart. I wasn’t expecting much, was quite a simple cafe with not much decor but the food was surprisingly comforting. If you ever are around the area def check the place out 食字路口

But the highlight of the weekend would def be our little adventure to Car Born Cafe where we have had the much anticipated cotton candy affogato. Had a slight problem with my camera SD Card here so don’t judge the photos, taken by the ol trusty phone.
周末啊周末,怎么可能少得了喝咖啡的机会了。就趁几个朋友闲着没事做,我们就跑到了 Sutera 的 Car Born Cafe 尝试他们家的棉花咖啡~ 他家的食物是不错的~只不过还是觉得他的咖啡拉花技术有待进步~

#coffee 😍

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Def recommend checking the place out. The food was ok but the coffee was rather impressive(coffee art still needs improvement bt) all in all a very good time spent in the cafe.
Oh and btw, if you are ever around 汤师傅,you’ve got to try their tau fu fah. It’s amazestuff yo

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