So the weather has been pretty rid, all thanks to that, I’m not feeling at my best. Throwback photos, hope you guys have enjoyed your weekend.
Coffee at expressolab with the gang. Coffee was decent.

Have to admit I wasn’t too big of a fan of their shakes

Noodles anyone? Can’t believe they don’t have this in KL, it’s really quite yummers

JWC is still my fav place to go for coffee. I absolutely adore their Hazelnut Coldbrew. Always try to make a point to visit the place. Side note, I’ve been really enjoying espresso too, shocking of a choice I know but hey, guess we learn to love new things everyday huh. Just didn’t think coffee was the one I learn how to love in 2015

Also manage to stumble across this beautifully decorated toastbox during my visit.

And to end the post, if you guys were ever in JB for the month of May, you might have heard of the Windmill event that was happening throughout the month. Me and a couple friends were there for one of the weekend, and we pop by for a little walkathon to kinda enjoy the evenings.

Even gave us a couple of medals, we actually had 4 but I just couldn’t be bothered trying to arrange all of them up for photos but gotta give EcoWorld some credits man, the place is amazeballs. Loved the concept of the housing development. Should check it out if you are looking to buy some houses

Back to get some rest for me. Stay hydrated and don’t fall sick guys!

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