Angelina, Singapore

So Angelina started a franchise in Singapore, which is something super exciting for me since the last time I tried it I was in Paris. Absolutely loved their hot choc ( imagine a rich thick chocolate drink to warm you up in the cold winter mornings) Anyways, here’s the place
Loved how they kept their interior decor quite similar to the ones in Paris. How can you resist all that(well fine, I can’t)

So girls being girls we just didn’t think we could finish our own mains so we decided to share a main, a starter and a side so we could save space for dessert after. I mean, what’s Angelina if you decide not to have desserts ya.
都是女生,所以食量也不大,就点了一个正餐,一个starter 和一个配餐~ 总得留个位吃甜点了对吧~

Ordered the onion soup for starters and I have to admit it’s def one of the better onion soup I’ve had in a long time. Most times onion soup can be very watery, which is a huge no for me. Def can imagine myself having this during winter~

Also couldn’t resist ordering the truffle fries(I mean come on, truffle fries, enough said ya). This I would have to say doesn’t smell as good as the one we had at assembly ground but the taste is def much better than the one we had there. Just couldn’t stop nomming on it.
黑松露薯条,超棒的说。 虽然说香味不比之前在assembly ground 那家香,可是味道却令人停不下口

And we ordered the mushroom risotto to share. I was initially thinking of going for the truffle ravioli but thought it might have been an overkill. The risotto in my opinion was cooked to perfection, not too soggy, just right but full with flavors~ super super yums
至于他的蘑菇risotto, 我觉得真的也不错,就quote B 说的那句,粒粒分明,吃起来的口感也好好,就不会觉得饭煮的过绵,虽然香味不比dazzling 那家来的香(明明就是黑松露和蘑菇比较,怎么比啊),可是整体感觉也很不错~

And of course, I just had to order the hot choc. To be honest, if you are looking for something light, I def wouldn’t recommend this. To say it’s hot choc, I thought it was a better description calling it melted chocolate drink instead hah. I would say if it’s the time of the month or if you are just going through a cold winter morning, this would be super super ideal of a drink! It’s like happiness in a cup! Bit of an overkill to have it with dinner but heck, what’s life without chocolates ey

But if a super thick hot choc ain’t your thing, perhaps give their tea a try, it’s pretty decent

And we just had to order desserts. Went for their signature Mont Blanc and the waitress recommended the citron cheesecake
“So the eclairs good, and the citron cheesecake is really, really really good”
“Ok, I guess we will go for the really, really really good cheese cake then”
至于甜点,除了要点他们家出名的mont blanc,我们还问了服务生她最喜欢的甜点了,她就介绍了我们要了一个cheesecake citron.
The Mont Blanc has a coffee+caramel-ish kinda mousse on the top layer which by itself can be quite an overkill but if you pair it with the bottom layer meringue, the combination is very much one of a kind, melts right in your mouth and balances out the sweetness of the mousse. Would I recommend it? You bet!
Mont Blanc 的口感真的很不错,上面那层甜甜的咖啡+焦糖mousse 单单吃起来的确有点甜腻,可是配上下层的meringue, 真的有个入口即化的感觉~ 果然还是他们的招牌啊~

But the highlight of the night was def the cheesecake. Perhaps it was from all the heavy dinner we’ve had so the lighter version of a dessert was def our to go. Highly recommend this cheesecake if you are ever do visit the place, if not, def make a visit to the place anyways because it’s really quite worth your trip
可是我们可能是吃了晚饭,所以对这个酸酸甜甜的芒果cheesecake 情有独钟。很庆幸服务生介绍了我们这么好吃的一个cheesecake

Happy Tuesday guys

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