So I finally had my much overdue brunch with Nat the other day and it has been just way too long since I last met this lady. Went on Townske and found this cafe call Boufe and thought we’d give it a go. Drove over and got a bit lost(typical when I’m leading the way) but we got there in one piece, which is always a good thing. Took abit of time finding the place but when you do find it I can assure you it’s quite worth it

The place is all decked out in white furnitures with baby breaths placed in pretty vases on each table. It’s a fusion of a boutique and a cafe, hence the name of the cafe.

We both are quite the latte addict so we ordered ourselves a cuppa each

Of course, couldn’t resist ordering food. We snuck in just in time before their last order which is good, I mean, it’s food, of course it is good. I ordered ourselves some eggs benedict, cheese mash truffle and good gracious lord you must try their macarons! Def one of the better ones I’ve had(still def prefer Antoinette’s bt.

Really good stuff(Don’t forget to check out Nat’s online store here *Acexspade*

We were ever lucky enough to get some free cakes from the table seated right next to us who was there celebrating one of their birthdays. Homebaked rainbow Cake FTW

But perhaps the highlight of the place is the outdoor area (I highly do not recommend this place if you are one to attract mozzies)

Again, items from Nat’s store*Click Here*

Finally, one day till Friday
Hang in there guys!

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