One Man Coffee

So what do you do when you have a man and a woman going out for coffee?
Well you go to One Man Coffee of course!
Have you ever heard of the saying that a yawn is a silent cry to asking for coffee? Well now you have!

I cannot stress enough how a decent coffee can totally make your day!

Of course, there’s also that alternative of having a very good breakfast hah. W decided to go for the brioche, which in my opinion was a really good dish if you are after sweets.

Bananas and caramel sauce, I mean, come on, unless you dislike bananas, I can’t think of a reason to not like this(and every one just loves Dulce de leche ya)

I went for the Gashouse Toast, which in the description said there was going to be eggs in the toast when I read it so when the food came I thought I read it wrong but I wasn’t too fussed, there was bacon bits and the toast combination with the bacon and cheese was pretty decent.

Then I hit the middle bit of the toast, and egg yolk start oozing out. Omgoshbbqsauce what is this sorcery, this is just way too good to be true!

So do I recommend it? Yes
Should you go? Uhm,Yes ? Is that even a question?

Sidenote, how beautiful are these virts playing card~

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