Anti:Dote, Tea: Time

So the other day Nelson was in town and we decided to have high tea at Fairmont Hotel(since he was staying there for this trip)
Hello Anti: Dote . If there’s anything I’d like to do on a Friday arvo, it’s def high tea ( wouldn’t mind if we had glasses of bubbly, which we did of course) but here’s the photos!

You get a selection of either having the Anti:Dote entree which was the truffle with scrambled eggs. This was magnifique~ I really really did regret not ordering this. I mean dim sum is all great and all but the combination of truffle and scrambled eggs in an eggshell is just yum yum yum

The oriental brunch, which includes dimsums.  If i didn’t had the truffle with scrambled eggs choice, this was def be a very good meal hah, but still, truffle with scrambled eggs for the win

then comes their signature tea set in this beautiful jewelry box. Super exquisite .

The top layer consist of your  sweets, which to be completely honest I didn’t manage to finish my share becase I was really full by the time I hit the top layer(started off with the scones) but the lady did tell us to have our macarons first in fear they’d melt. I did really like the chocolate coated strawberry and that tiny caramelized cherry

Second tier would have to be our savories, which is def my fav tier of all. I surprisingly did manage to finish everything of mine on this tier, such good job done I know. I thought the savories was abit on the saltier side by it’s own but we had champagnes and tea to wash everything down so it was all good.

and the third tier, scones,which I really enjoyed as it was fluffy and warm. Just the way I like my scones

And the last tier, cream, lemon curd and jam for the scones

I was wearing this delicate necklace from Acexspade, super in love with it, def should check it out. I think all my accessories of late that I choose to wear are all from this shop.

Happy Tuesday All~

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