So I’m gonna be a tad busy over the next week. I’m moving back to KL! How exciting. I’m going to Perth on the 8th so I guess I won’t be properly in KL until in August but still, exciting!
Anyways here are some remaining photos from the past week.I’ve still yet to blog about high tea at Fullerton but I thought I’d break things up a bit and come back to high tea at fullerton later.
So the other day we visiting Gardens by the Bay. Always thought it’s a good spot to visit especially during the night. Such beautiful lights!

Came across this beautiful middle tree tower and they were having this $18 drinks+entrance fee on their rooftop, steal ya.

I mean how much more beautiful can it get! The whole Singapore nightlight

But yes,I have to go back to packing now, or more rather start packing now. Here’s some photos to end the very much short blogpost

and of course, cookie monsters in captivity~ Someone save em for me? Pretty please?

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