The weekend in Perth

My weekend has been amazing, well the weather has also been superb. We managed to get ourselves out of bed last Saturday at 7.30am for the Manning morning markets, which is something quite rare since we’ve been sleeping in till about 9-ish 10 with the current weather. If you’ve followed me on Snapchat(ID:yukikotan) you’d realised I’ve been wrapping myself up much like a dumpling. Winter has been quite brutal this year, going down to about 2-3 degrees each night but when the sun comes up in the morning you get this beautiful weather, which makes you temporarily forget it’s mid winter until the breeze hits you in the face.

We worked our way to Manning market that morning, scouting for food for breakfast. I was craving for some hot dogs so hot dogs it was for us.

Lens flare, so much love!

And perhaps the most exciting bit about the morning markets is that you get to meet loads of really interesting people all around

and you get to meet pretty cute pups!

Not to mention really interesting items too.

Head back and the cousin headed out for his bball session and I waited for Dan to pick me up for our day trip. OH, and if you are wondering why I’m still constantly on my phone being able to post things online, it’s because I got myself a prepaid plan from Optus($20 for $30 credit) and it gives me about 500mb data a day with unlimited local calls and text messages, awesome awesome deal I must say.

Yuki with data is a happy yuki indeed

So we drove up to Joondalup for our late brunch and decided to hang around Burns beach for a little. It’s been awhile since I was last in Perth and I always forget how amazing this place is. A walk down this beach makes me realise how such simple things in life can make you so so happy. I quote the old man we met “I’m a lucky lucky man to be able to have a walk down this beach everyday”

And I cannot agree more with him

Dan soaking up on his weekly dosages of Vitamin D

and when we were all well and happy we headed to Hillarys for late lunch.

I see the place hasn’t changed last I got here but instead of going to the Breakwater we did TopCatch this time around(nearly got attacked by seagulls I might add)

and took more photos after.

Ended the night with Vicky at The Trustee for our dessert degustation and also drinks after at Bobeche and Choo Choo’s and got a fair too happy that night so no photos =p

On Sunday I spent my day with the cousins and Johnson and we headed down to Freo for some yummy korean chicken and  beer

Seafood Paella from the store behind, yums stuff really.

and once we were all well fed and watered, it was photo session time! Loved how this winter there was still these beautiful trees in bloom

So much so we actually spent a good half hour on this street just taking photos. Freo is such a gem, sure there are heaps of touristy places where you can kinda just do all your touristy stuff but I always find the beautiful surprises at the most unexpected little corner/street.
Top: Prada sweater
Bottom: Random shop in Bangkok
Scarf: ForeverNew
Shoes: Aldo
Accessories:Again necklaces from Acexspade. Absolutely loving their items, layering both the floral garden and the crystal layered necklace in silver
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