Maybelline Rebel Bouquet

So I made some sneaky purchases the other day at the Maybelline counter. I’ve always loved floral stuff(influences by Vicky no doubt) so the with the packaging and the colors being so floral-y, I was instantly hooked to the collection.

I’ve done a little swatch for all the four lipsticks I picked up ( REB 01, REB 02, REB 05 and REB 08) and also put together a makeup look based on the lipstick. Hope you guys enjoy it
Formulation: Like every other maybelline lipstick, they glide on very smoothly on the lips without leaving your lips too dry, def beginner friendly. The color pigmentation are really good as well, so for RM31, it’s def quite worth the purchase.
As for the eye palette, it’s the Coastal Scene 88 eye color shadow palette that I’m using for all 4 looks.
First Look: REB 01. Red

As you can tell, it doesn’t look as intimidating on as it does from the bullet. Once you apply it it gives this beautiful muted red that I think can work as a very nice day red lipstick

2nd Look: REB 02
REB 02 is a bright pink. I found it quite a playful color so I thought I’d pair it with some neutrals to have the lips stand out.

3rd look: REB 05
REB 05 is a bright coral as you can tell from the swatch. I found this color always washes me off a little so I thought with such a fun color I’d go a little cray on the eyeshadow.

Last but not least REB 08
REB 08 is a muted pink, which to be honest is the kind of color I usually stray away from since it doesn’t usually look that good on me. I have to admit but, it actually turned out quite well.

Have you guys tried out the Rebel Bouquet range? If so, what’s your fav?
Happy Monday guys!

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