Things you might not know about Chengdu

So I spent a good 25 hours travelling from KL to Chengdu, which is quite a fair bit if you asked me but it was due to the weather, we landed ourselves in 4 different cities in one day, talk about a crazy flight.因为天气的关系,从吉隆坡来成都都花了将近25个小时,一天里就突然探望了四个城市的说=p

We even landed in Nanjing, can you believe it lol.还一日游去了南京机场哈哈哈

But once we got our planes and rested for the night, we headed off for lunch the next day. IF there’s anything you HAVE to know about Chengdu, it’s that their food, oh this is where we had lunch btw

Is that their food consist of nothing but red stuff. Heaps of chilli。


and yes chilli。我们的第一餐就真的一片红了

You should also know that Chengdu has the largest stand alone building in the world, which so coincidently is a shopping mall too. I couldn’t take a full photo of it as well, the building is MASSIVE and i couldn’t get far enough to have a full shot with cars running over me.
but it’s sure a dangerous place for em shopaholics hahaha

From themeparks, to man made beach, this place is freaking craze!

You should also know that the people here love love love their hot pot. I’ve had at least 3 times of hot pot in the past week already!

The roads here are broad, air quality, erm well can be improved

but their buildings are so beautiful! You have the more moderns ones around but they also kept the really traditional buildings as tourist destinations, needless to say I was head over heels for these places.

For you Starbucks fans, imagine walking through hidden alleys and traditional buildings. Def a change from the modern starbucks outlets don’t you think?
You’d be able to find these buildings at the famous Wide and Narrow Valley (宽窄巷)
and Chengdu is famous for their teashops (茶馆). Sneak into any of the teashops and enjoy yourself a cup of tea, maybe play mahjong

Maybe even be lucky enough to listen to their people play you some music on the traditional piano 古琴

Local snacks can be really amazing, but yet some can be downright horrifying. I saw rabbit heads along the street(didn’t take photos of it but you can google it) and it took me days to regain my appetite.

But the other snacks, are pretty darn good
For example, the lamb sticks are AWESOME
Yogurt Drinks are phenomenal, I’ve had at least a bottle of these each day!If only they had these sold in Malaysia!还有这个酸奶,都已经成为我每日必喝的饮品了。我还在懊恼中回到大马要怎么去适应没有这个酸奶的生活了*哭*
This is amazeball stuff, it’s like savoury light crepe but done SUPER light and SUPER right. I’m usually skeptical coz I’ve never had one I like but this, this blew my mind!
Again, buildings.

I find getting around places is so easy, you have the cabs, the trishaws, the MRT which are all so cheap to get around with. Of course you’d still have to be wary of your belongings but the people here are ever so nice
And if you really can’t get enough of the traditional buildings, you should check out Jin Li ancient street (锦里) at night, so much interesting thing around. I even manage to buy myself a 笛子and 葫芦丝, super happy about it.
Btw the way, if you see people napping during work hours, it’s perfectly normal!
The culture here, is to nap after your lunch for a good hour or so,
pretty amazeball huh
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