Japan Day 1-Gero, 下呂

Sorry for the lack of update recently. Just got back from ChengDu and flew straight to Japan the next day so my brains still trying to set in that I’m in Japan at the moment. We landed in Tokyo on Saturday/Sunday midnight and stayed the night at one of the hotel that was close to Haneda and on Sunday morning we collected our JR pass from the JR station and headed straight down to Nagoya for lunch.
JR pass allows you to travel all around Japan on the JR line which is extremely convenient if you are planning to go around Japan. The seats are really comfortable and the trains are very, VERY punctual so DO NOT be late if you are planning to catch it!
最近真的觉得时间特别不够用啊,刚刚才从成都回来不过一日就飞到了日本,抵达日本的时候都将近半夜了,所以就住了在Haneda附近的一个酒店,第二天就到JR 地铁站拿了我们的JR pass就出发了。觉得有个JR pass 很方便啊,会建议不会喜欢在一个地方呆很久的人,买了一个JR pass 就可以日本到趴趴走走了。

Nagoya is known for their unagi don so we snuck in a quick visit in Nagoya before heading to Gero. Because it was all on the JR line, and we got ourselves a JR pass, the transport fee was all included in our pass itself. By the time we got to Nagoya it was raining heavily so instead of going to the restaurant we wanted to, we had lunch at the shopping mall right above the Nagoya JR eki station. Might not have been the best around town but IT WAS GOOOOOOOOD food man!

Then we headed off to Gero. Gero(下呂) is famous for their onsens, which is one of the much loved activities by locals。

Our rooms were the traditional ryokans at Suimeikan (水美馆), with tatami beds, and in hotels onsens! So much win! Let’s do a quick room tour ya。


and even having their staff showing to our room explaining everything to us and making us tea, service is amazestuff yo。

Stay Calm and Drink Tea
and the view from our room is ever so pretty too。

Toured around the area a little,went into their convenient store, and purchased this.If you are a dairy person, you’ve gotta try their milk!

and headed off for their local free foot onsen, ashi no yu
and we requested our futons to be made at 2030 hours so by the time we got back, it was all ready for us to sleep!
and that was all for Day 1, spent mostly traveling around but that’s mainly because we are visiting Takayama (高山) and Shirakawa Go (白川郷) the next day!
Will be updating on Day 2 soon so stay tuned!


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