Sneaky Friday Purchase

So I thought I’d do a series of the things I usually purchase over the week. Good deals, interesting stuff, and the things I would recommend to my friends.
I’ll start with these for my first haul!
Princess Body Scrubs
OK fair enough, I didn’t purchase these(so much for starting the post right lol), got sent by the amazing Illy but I see no reason to add this in because I’d def be purchasing after my trial ones!Raw Organic ingredients as your body scrub. They keep well for 6 months, smells AMAZING (Stay away if you aren’t a coconut lover) and they leave the skin so smooth and supple. Did I also mention they are so reasonably priced too? Only RM35 per bottle and if you buy 2, it’s RM 50!

The Ink Book
Seriously, need I say more? Body tatts are so much love! Esp when they are priced between RM 4-12 per sheet! Even got a UV light tattoo one but obviously not in this picture because they only show under UV light, which means if i took a photo of it now all you’ll see are just blank tatts lol

And enough about online shopping, here’s one offline. LOVISA! They are having their 8 for RM30 sale for the individual earrings and RM45 for 2 of the sets earrings. Super steal.

Have an amazing weekend ahead guys!

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