Palladium Cafe

So the haze was horrid over the weekend, but it was a good thing I was away from KL HAHAH. Anyways, snuck out for coffee with a friend and thought it’d be a nice change to do photos instead.
Sunnies: Random shop in Japan
Sheer top: Monk KL
Bralette : Forever 21
Pants : Random shop in Bangkok
Heels : Hush Puppies
Sticker Tatts : The Ink Book

Heard about the Palladium Cafe but was always just driving around the place. It was just a coffee glass house, small place but pretty.

To be honest I was just happy taking photos there hahah, they didn’t serve proper food, just light desserts and coffee so it wasn’t quite my thing either.
Coffee, was ok, not particularly good, maybe coz I was just really picky about my latte that started bubbling within minutes, just not quite my cuppa

But at least I’ve got decent photos

and can we take a minute to admire how pretty these sticker tatts are hahaha

and that’s all for now!

Happy Tuesday Guys!

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