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Right, so if you’ve seen me of late, you’d know that I look a slight different of late. Those who know me in person would know that my eyebags are horrendous and it’s something that has always been bugging me. I was offered to try the Indiba treatment by esmé Clinic. If you haven’t heard of esmé Clinic, it’s where I actually have a couple of packages bought with them for face slimming and other beauty courses. I initially thought nothing of it, seriously was at that point where I’ve really just accepted that my eyebags will not be reduced unless it’s surgical procedures HAHAH, but I did give it a chance anyway and the results has indeed surprised me.

Not only did this treatment helped reduce my eyebags, it also helped minimized my pores, which is my other skin concern. It uses the Proionic® System(patented technology) to balance the electrons of your cell(ah just read about it here), sounds complicated but all you really do is lie down and enjoy the massage on your face HAHAHA.

So the treatment mainly does the following:
-Reduces wrinkles and expression lines
-Improves the appearance of the eye contour
-Firming, Lifting and rejuvenation effect
-Redefines facial contour
-Body shaping
-Breast lifting
-Cellulite, stretch marks, saggy arms
-General well-being

and is good for
-Fatigue Skin
-Sensitive Skin
-Dull skin
-Stressed Skin

其实功劳真的都在一身美医院做的脸部疗程啦,最近她们和我介绍了一个叫做Indiba 的疗程。刚刚开始听的时候就觉得还好,可以尝试,结果试了觉得真的效果也太神奇了哈哈哈。好了我不多说,就直接介绍疗程和给你们看效果就好了
Indiba Treatment 是利用 Proionic® System (有专利的哦)让我们的细胞达到一种平衡度。说起来还真的有点复杂和恐怖,可是其实真的就还好,就是你躺着享受按摩就可以很达到很漂亮的效果的一个疗程就好了哈哈哈哈。



Enough talking, I’ll show you the before and after, just make sure you don’t laugh. Photo taken using my Iphone

Right, so just to make sure you don’t think I’m capturing angles, I’ve also used Sylvia’s camera to take photos. I believe her camera does beautify the skin a little but as you can tell, it’s still pretty bad
好啦,别说我只会捉角度,我当天的相机没带电池,所以只能借用 Sylvia 的相机,你看,相机自己本身有点美颜效果都还是遮不了我那严重的眼袋 T.T

They will first add this metal plate behind your back

And the machine looks a little scary to be honest, but it’s actually a very comfortable process.

So first, we cleanse the first

Indiba treatment uses this bamboo cream, which is good even if you have super sensitive skin
Indiba 疗程使用的是这个bamboo cream,对于皮肤过敏者都很适合,不需要担心皮肤会因为用了不一样的cream导致副作用

And the halfway results. As you can tell, the skin on the left looks brighter and my skin is definitely firmer too.

And the after, which is super obvious. Photo taken by the Iphone
疗程好了,这就是结果哦~ 分别超大的对吧~

And with Sylvia’s camera
Sylvia 相机拍的

What shocked me most, wasn’t my after photos, but the photos I’ve been taking after the procedure. A few days after my facial, I’ve noticed a very obvious change in my complexion. My pores are minized and my eyebags are really improving. Abit of concealer would be sufficient for me to head out the house.

If you still don’t believe in photos, you can check out the video for comparison, just skip to 0:21 seconds and you can tell the difference in videos. I took the before footage when I was in Japan, which was just over a month ago.
如果真的觉得我只是拍照效果而已,那大可以看下我前天拍的视频的对比照,视频啊,总美颜不了对吧。你可以跳到 0:21 秒看对比哦

The facial itself is approx 60 minutes, and if you contact the clinic mentioning my name, they will give you a first trial price which is RM149 (normal price at Rm490) and you can get a huge discount if you take out a package(for those who need more intense treatment). Personally I’d recommend this treatment because it really did wonders for me
整个疗程就大约60分钟。你若有兴趣~可以联络esmé Clinic哦。记得说是我介绍的,因为首次疗程就 RM149 (平时价钱是RM490)那配套也便宜很多哦~

esmé Clinic
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Contact number 03-7955 1491
Whatssap / Wechat 010-343 1491

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