Avillion, Port Dickson with BioThik

TGIF! So happy the weekend is finally here =) I had a very interesting week this week, and perhaps had the opportunity to start the week in the best way ever, yup, through a mini getaway hahaha. Was very fortunate to be invited by BioThik to spend the Monday at the beautiful Avillion in Port Dickson. This, is going to be quite a long post so grab a cup of tea and I hope you enjoy the blogpost!
We took a coach down, just a couple of girls, with a huge coach. No photos there coz we were so busy chatting throughout the trip, that and the ride was rather bumpy so all our photos turned out quite blurry. I was excited to see the villas, Illy said they were really amazing, and true enough, when we got to our water chalets, I got extremely excited. Our rooms consist of 2 double beds, a day bed, a very very cool toilet, I’ll attach a video for the room tour if you are keen

Absolutely adored this day bed.

and they have open air shower! How amazing!
And the video of the room tour if you wanna check it out

So we freshen up, and headed down to Crows Nest for dinner. Dinner was good, but I was so hungry I didn’t bothered taking any photos but did manage to take a couple of shots after dinner at the pool side.

And we got ready for bed. Yes no crazy stuff happening during the night because I was determine to wake up early to take some shots. Woke up at 7am the next day(seriously am getting old, what ever happened to sleeping in) and started prepping everything to take photos before going down for breakfast.

My morning essentials, Illy’s morning essentials

Absolutely adore this photo of me and Illy. Thank God for pillows and wifi controller HAHA

and we headed over to the event after a good 2 hour of photo taking + breakfast.

So BioThik is a clinicare brand and scalp care expert for more than 15 years in the salon industry. They’ve recently announce their launch of their consumer hair range in Malaysia (Their products can already be found in Singapore, Australia, Germany, Swedan, Norway, Indonesia, Finland and Brunei), and believes in a simple philosophy- producing products with performance and value, and focusing on their expertise on scalpcare.

They focus on fixing one of the most common problem with hair, hair loss and brought up a range of products that is free from chemicals such as SLS, Paraben, synthetic fragrance and artificial colorings.

The launch was held in Avi Spa, which is this beautiful space that allows in so much sunlight.

and have the most amazing amazing view when you push open this door

How can you not fall in love with this!

Anyways, they showed us and told us more of the product, and gave a demonstration of how their BioThik® Active hair building fiber, and their fiber locking mist works. This protects the hair that is growing, and at the same time give you both volume and the impression of fuller hair. It also covers out grey hair so if you are rushing out and have no time for re-dye, this is the product to go for.
and on person, the before and after. You can achieve the same effect too with the product

and all with just with simple steps
And on guys.

Here are the products you can find in major Pharmacy Store nationwide. BioThik® Active hair building fiber is priced at RM90, Fiber locking mist at RM 49,BioThik® Active protein keratinized cleanser at RM49, BioThik® Active protein keratinized conditioner at RM49 and BioThik® Active active serum growth factor for men and women at RM130 each.

And a pictures with the amazing people behind the product

Find out more about them on
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biothikactive
So the event was done, and they were ever so generous to let us try the products by giving us a spa treatment at Avi Spa using their products!

Definitely extremely spoilt on a Monday I must say.

Ah so blessed!

So BioThik, thank you so much for the amazing experience. I’m now much rejuvenated and am looking forward to try your products (just in time too because I am looking for new haircare haha)

And that, is pretty much all I’ve got for this blogpost. This is def the highlight of my week, perhaps even for this month

Have a very amazing weekend ahead guys!

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