Over the weekend, me and my cousins headed out for brunch. Trying to find a place that Jean has not been to is extremely difficult(She’s a severe cafe hopper) but we did eventually manage to find a cafe that she’s not been to. To be honest, I was actually really surprised that she’s not been to LOKL especially with all the hype going on for the cafe

Located in downtown KL, finding parking for this place can be extremely difficult. We parked at the carpark out the church nearby and walked over to the cafe.

It wasn’t particularly busy on a Sunday, which was good because it didn’t take too long for our food to come. Opted to sit outdoors for the lighting for photography

Ah the things we do for photo. Service here is great though, had this friendly waitperson who was so attentive to our needs. Felt so bad because he insisted on winding down the sunroof for us when we aren’t taking photos fearing we’d be feeling too hot from the sun.

Ordered pancakes, a mini burger and scrambled eggs on toast. Wasn’t impress with the pancakes and the scrambled eggs but the mini burger was done quite well.

Coffee wasn’t too bad, nothing I’d shout out too much about.

Not sure if I’d come back, parking can be difficult and driving to downtown KL is quite a nightmare for me but if you are around the area, it’s a good place to just chill and have coffee and do some good photography. Absolutely adore the old school buildings that is around the cafe.
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 2.5/5
Coffee: 3/5

and that’s it for my blogpost. Happy Monday All!

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