Penang memories

Had to go up to Penang over the weekend for work so here’s a short photolog. Hope you guys will enjoy the photos!
Oh, I did find the most well in my opinion anyways, the most amazing starbucks outlet in Malaysia. Situated right next to the beach, it def did make me feel like I’m in a different country completely. If you are looking for the outlet, it’s just right beside the ship on Batu Ferringhi

There’s plenty of seats though! I was a little worried at first, thinking all the good seats will be taken but if you step inside the shop, you’ll realise they’ve got a huge premises for a Starbucks Outlet
Just way too pretty!
The place is beautifully located on the hills and whilst it can get a little hot, it’s also extremely breezy and you can totally smell the sea breeze, which is awesome!
Of course if you rather avoid the sun, there’s plenty of space indoors too.

Visited Bukit Bendara

Had heaps of dimsum, heaps of dimsum.

and spent most my free time on love lane

but def didn’t miss out on Cendol.

This trip, I did something a slight different, got tickets to visit some of the historical buildings around Penang and I must say, it was a very interesting learning experience indeed.
I’ve never heard of the Blue Mansion before, so it was very refreshing for me to see something a little different. I felt like I was a tourist in Penang all over again, which was cool!

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