Sephora Christmas Mini Haul

Going on a once a week posting routine but I promise I’ll catch up pretty soon. Just really settling some stuff and once that’s down I’m going off for another trip!
Picked up some stuff from the Sephora Christmas Party the other day and hey, gotta share ya. If you are a fan of neutral color eyeshadows but not quite sure whether you’d wanna splurge on just on eyeshadows, this is a palette you might want to consider.
Comes in this huge palette , and a travel size friendly palette. Contains a mascara, a brush, eyeshadows, a blush and contour color. Very convenient.

Color pigmentation is really good so I would recommend if you are looking for a all round palette to purchase for Christmas. Contains from your matte to shiny, but all in a very neutral color that you can wear out everyday.

Travel palette, as you can see from the image below, once you detach the travel palette you will find a good size mirror built within the bag which is very convenient.

Also picked up the Burberry Christmas primer, excited to use it and will come back for a review on it soon.

Looking for travel plans for Christmas! Any ideas?

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