Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul Day 2 Part 1

Right, you know before you start watching youtube, there’s always advertorials? well don’t mind if I do the same here ya HAHAH. it’s not really an advert but I thought I’ll slot it in because it does fit quite nicely with my Korea travelog. So we all know South Korea’s popular for their face mask, and now they are all in trend with the animal face masks too. Stay Young was nice enough to send me a few mask to try before my Korea trips.

These mask are all FREE FROM

  • Paraben
  • Phenoxyethanol PPG
  • PEG/Dimenthicone
  • Mineral Oil
  • Colorant Triethanolamine

Bunch of things I probs don’t understand well but the ingredients are mostly from natural stuff.  So if you are looking for a mask but want something that works and also is fun, you should give this a shot. They are manufactured in Korea, see, told you it fits in well with my korea travelogue but you can find them from Aeon Wellness at RM12.90 per piece, not much info really coz their website and facebook page isn’t quite working yet. Tried the facemask with Calista just right before I left on my trip.

Right, now on to my travelogue. Imma split Day 2 into 2 postings, mainly coz we did quite a fair bit on Day 2 and there was quite a fair load of photos just for the day itself. We visited Bukchon Hanok Village(북촌한옥마을) on Day 2 for the first half of the day. We got off Anguk Station and made our way to the villages.
but first, food. Squid anyone?

This place is a gem, with so many traditional buildings and houses around, every corner is almost instagram perfect

We eventually got a little tired walking up hills and thought we’d sneak into one of the tea houses for tea. Perhaps the best decision for the day because the place is so beautiful

The only thing that was annoying was having to remove your shoes, well mine specifically because my boots are so high before entering the tea houses.

but once you get in it’s like you’ve entered a complete different world.
Time for a little 차

There’s just something really calming about tea that I adore. I once read a quote somewhere
Tea is the finest solution to nearly every catastrophe and conundrum that the day may bring.

and that’s pretty much it for my day 2 trip
Which to be honest, is my favourite day of them lot
Stay tuned for my next post, which will most likely be next year ( it’s only 2 days away!!)


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