Lepaq Lepaq

Happy New Year!

Taking a short break from my Korea trip post (will be posting up on Thurs I promise) but if you are keen to check out my Seoul Haul video

So on new years itself, we headed down to Lepaq Lepaq cafe to brunch. To be honest, we were skeptical. I was really keen to try their rainy day coffee but I saw so may bad reviews about their poor service complain on Facebook I didn’t know whether I’d wanna risk going there on the first day of new years. We eventually gave in and went there anyways and to our surprise, the waiter that was serving us was really nice and though he might have had problems trying to express himself in English, he really really did try to make an effort.

Food tho, was just ok, nothing too fancy, could have been better and the coffee, ermm yeah if you like black coffee with sugar, then you probs will like it. I have to be honest, it really wasn’t my cuppa coffee. Pretty nonetheless

The mojito however, was really good. It came in this cute little box container that you can take away whenever you feel like it, though I wished they the drinks as thought it was from the Ecuador Mojito instead of To Ecuador Mojito

Would I go back? If I’m not driving and if I really want a good view to kinda sit down and chill(the place is seriously pretty)..but I wouldn’t go back for the food as there are better options closer and cheaper.

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