Changgyeonggung, Seoul Day 2 Part 2

Right, so I’ve been dragging my travelogue for a little longer than usual, but it’s not easy to post everything at one go(especially when there are plenty of other blogpost that’s pending too HAHA) but anyways here’s part 2 of my day 2 Seoul trip, and I’ll have the last day entry and then one separate post on food and shopping.
Let’s get started!
So after our little walk at Buchok Hanok , we walked over to Changgyeonggung to be all touristy~ the place is so beautiful though, we went during winter, so obviously trees were bare but I still really found it very pretty. Some might find it a little boring, looking at bare trees with hardly any grass growing but I personally love autumn and winter, they are my absolute fav season to travel and yes I know you don’t get the pretty spring scene or vibe but I’m ok with it.
The palace is a short walk from Anguk Station so enough typing, let’s get rolling with the photos
Made it here without getting lost! Achievement unlock!Trust me, most the time our itinerary was
Ready for the day- Getting lost- Getting lost-Getting to Destination 1- Getting lost again
but hey, what’s traveling without getting lost ya

We did sneak in a quick bite, this was quite a good , actually I have no idea what it was, it was cinnamon in the inside and was a nice snack with the cold weather.

Got our tickets and was ready to head in now

There’s something about lens flare that I really really really really and I cannot even emphasize how much I really love

and when we were done taking photos, we headed over to the neighborhood for some food.Imma not elaborate on it coz I’m going to be writing just a post for food so we’ll save it to that, but if you are up for some pretty jewelries, this is a very good place to be shopping at.

Till my next post!

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