Food in Seoul

Shopping and eating in Seoul is much fun, food I find are more expensive than shopping purchases but keep in mind their portions for food are pretty darn huge. Here are the things you can try when you are in Korea, pretty interesting eats.

Left:This is like a Anko bun, red bean paste if you aren’t familiar with the term. I’m not a big fan of red bean but even so during winter was quite a nice treat. You can find them along side roads.
Right: Lunch at Sopoong, our very first meal and we totally loved it. Kimchi Jiggae ftw.
右:Kimchi Jiggae, 不好意思啊,真的不会翻译
If you really can’t stand the cold, invest in these furry shoes, we got them for 15000Won which is around RM60-ish. Wore them for the remaining of our trip and was so worth the purchase!

Meat on a stick. Literally see them everywhere when you are at the grounds near Dongdaemun. I really quite enjoyed it.
The only thing that really irks me was that the weather was so cold, anything that was just slightly more than room temperature looked as though as it was steaming hot.
Imagine my disappointment when the food was just slightly above rooom temperate when I ate it
Korean BBQ, make sure you have one meal at least trying out some local bbq restaurants.
Shop owners are quite friendly, and sometimes they might even throw in some complimentary stuff for you!
And perhaps my fav meal of all, Muk Shi Don Na which literally translates to Eat Rest Money Leave. Google them up if you are keen to try but they are def quite worth the visit. They have a few outlets around so see which suits best for you.
可是我最喜欢的啊,还是这家 Muk Shi Don Na

Then we have the much popular line cafe. This is the one in Garosu-gil
我们还去了Line Cafe 呢~
But I have to admit my fav shopping area will have to be Hongdae. I find Ehwa shops being very scattered, cheap nonetheless but Hongdae is still my fav area to shop. If you are shopping in the area, make sure you find time for some of the cafes around the area, got some pretty interesting ones going on. There’s this book cafe (Cafe Comma) next to the exit of Hongik University Station
我自己本身是很喜欢在HongDae 逛街了。觉得其他的不是人太多,不然就是店面分布太散了

Right:Honey Chips in HongDae
Left:Book Comma in Hongdae

But if there’s one thing you cannot miss, is the Kiss the Tiramisu tiramisu ice cream! This thing is YUMS. They open only from 2pm and there’s always a queue so be ready to wait. Priced at 5000 won but trust me, it’s worth it!

and if you are looking for cheap eats, and so happen to be craving for bread you can also try one of these egg buns and my fav toast chain store “Isaac”
若你想吃便宜的,可以考虑到Isaac 吃吃它们的吐司,还真的好好吃呢
Don’t underestimate what a good toast can do for you =p

For night snacks, don’t forget your fried chicken, local cafes
and try hunting down these makgeolli coz they are quite yums. 1.5L for 2000Won! and of course strawberries to go with it
and that’s a wrap for my Seoul Trip!

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