Korean Color Hairwax Dye| Marble Accessories

So the other day I gave into temptation and purchased myself 3 bottles of color hairdye wax. It wasn’t difficult to see why I did, the colors are temporary and comes off in one wash, doesn’t dry like a hairchalk and once it dries properly it doesnt transfer onto your clothes. I bought mine from this lady . Not quite sure why it’s written in Jap, ah as long as it works
每次网上就看到一些暂时性染发韩国hairwax 就会蠢蠢欲动想要买来试试。结果前几天真的买了,就和大家分享我对此东西的评语吧
So the items came and here’s how it looks。货品的罐子,不知道为什么罐子上是写日文的,算了,可以用就好了

bit sticky so takes abit of time to get used to it。至于hairwax 本身还真的有点粘粘的,刚刚开始的时候还有点不适应,可是会用了就还好

and the results。效果~

Application: it was relatively simple, all you do is spread the hairwax evenly onto your hands and then just apply it to your hair. Once you are done just blowdry with the hairdryer and you are good to go
Verdict:It’s a little drier than I like but the color pigmentations not too bad. I quite like how it really shows off under the sun. I’ve mixed all 3 colors, which are the silver blue and purple to achieve the look in photos.

Onto Accessories, I also got sent some items from acexspade, which includes some of my absolute fav print
If you like marble printed stuff you’ll go crazy! Acexspade has super minimalist accessories you just cannot resist
还有啊,你若和我一样是理石控的话,你一定会好喜欢这家店。 acexspade家的首饰真的很漂亮,而且质量也超好的。

The quality of the necklaces and earrings are always damn good and they always have the most trending items in town!

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