Chinese New Year Rose Quartz Makeup | Sweat Proof Makeup

So since CNY is around the corner, and our weather being so ridiculously warm(let’s hope the rumours about the temperature dropping during CNY is true) it’s difficult to even have the urge to put on makeup. However, there are a few sweat proof simple makeup you can try without looking to much on a hot day, and with the rosegold/ rose quartz theme being so popular, this look will come in handy!
So here are the items used. As you can see, they are all quite heavy duty stuff. I kept the foundation light and minimal because I thought it’d be nice to look fresh for Chinese New Year

To look fresh, I kept the emphasis of the makeup on the eyes, so the brows was a must to highlight. Using a brow pencil, fill in your brows. You can go a little thicker of a brow than your usual makeup because if you do, like me end up having to tie your hair, this makeup will look more put together and you won’t look as tired in photos.
Then for the eyes, first you want to prep your eyes using whatever eyeshadow primer that works for you. I don’t have oily skin so this shiny primer works just fine for my eyes.

Then you use the bright color eyeshadow for the first half of your eyes

Using the color BUZZ from my Naked 3 palette, you dab the color on the 2nd half of your eyelids.

Then going back to the Kiss Me eyeshadow Quad, pick up the darkest color and just contour the eyes and also along the bottom corner of your eyes.

Line the bottom eye line

And we shall move onto the eyeliner

As you can tell I’m only lining the bottom eyeliner and then stretching it out to the corners of my eyes. If you want a little more definition you can also underline your top waterline. And that’s all you’ll need to do for your eyes. You can also add mascara bt I rather skip this step coz it does look a little too much for a lazy chinese new year gathering.

Then you move on to your concealer to conceal any mistakes/ imperfections you’d like to conceal

Then it’s time for the cream blush. I find cream blushes wear alot longer and better throughout the day, even during hot weather. It’s also easier to build it up or wear it down so sweep the desired amount across your cheeks for a natural flush
Then I’m going for an ombre look for my lips so I’ll have to conceal the corners of my lips coz I’ve got dark lip pigmentation

and onto a nice water gloss by 3ce. This is a very natural color, so just a nice touch to the lips without looking too over the top

Then setting it with a spray. My makeup usually stays quite put throughout the day so I like to use this mineralize water instead to keep it all together.

and if the weather really gets too much to you, it’s always good to tie up your hair! I find the pink and rose quartz eyeshadow really does make one look very fresh. And since it’s on a reddish hue, it’s perfect for em Chinese New Year!

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