Podgy and the Banker

Weekend brunches are the best. Did some quality spending time with the cousins and headed over to Podgy and the Banker for food. It was my first time here but the food prices are quite affordable, portions aren’t huge but they do fill the tummy so it’s all good. Parking is relatively easy and there’s a Jaya Grocer just right around the corner so if you want to do your grocery shopping after, it’s really convenient.
Coffee is good, I really enjoyed my coffee.

But here’s the opening times if you are keen to check out the place

and little touches to their interior decor. I really like how it’s very simple and how they add pots of plants to their decor. Feels like it’s given much life to the place

Like I said, food portion isn’t exactly the biggest, but Imma small eater so it works =p

Loving my shoes from Palazzo! love the netting love the gold and they are super comfy too!

and yeah, guess that’s pretty much it, and the end of the first month of 2016! Can you believe it’s 8% of the year gone? Crazy!

OOTD to end the day, and it’s all getting ready for CNY from now on!

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