So the other day I went out with Bok for brunch. Trust him to find somewhere yums for breakfast since he’s always so picky with the food he eats haha! Guess I was really lucky when I was there because there was parking just right out the cafe for me. Walked in and fell in love with the place! The decor, the ceiling the little things just really makes you feel like you’re no longer in a cafe in Malaysia.

Was really hungry so I ordered myself a latte before settling down. Latte looks good in picture, smells amazing but I had to put it to the test of time before calling it a darn good latte. I found myself always deciding on whether the latte is good, depending on how well the froth holds up till the end of my drink. When I was in Oz, most(of course there are still the bad ones) my cuppa froth lasted till the very end of the sip, but it’s difficult to find something similar in Malaysia. I’ve had some pretty okay ones, where it last a fair amount of time before it completely disappears but I was interested to see how Huckleberry’s latte did.

Some photos of the interior. Can we just talk about em tiles and ceilings! And those lights in the cages at the back of the cafe are just to die for! If you are looking for artisan pastries, this is def a place you might want to check out.

I ordered myself a Chilli Cheese Toast and Bok ordered himself the Banana French Toast, a sweet and a savoury..yummers

and of course when Bok arrives, I’d get him to take a photo of my OOTD. Seriously the tiles, just looking at the tiles makes me so happy

And our food came, boy does it look good! Bok’s Banana French Toast was really nice, but I was a bigger fan of my Chilli Cheese Toast, not a huge fan of sweets in the morning but all good. This is probs also a good photo to show you how my coffee held up! Pretty decent don’t you think? Keeping in mind my coffee came way WAY before everything else did, bok did show up a little late but as you can tell, no bubbles no signs of the disappearing froth act.

Massively happy with this place. In fact I actually went back again on Saturday with Shon for coffee coz I enjoyed the place so much!

How’s your CNY celebration? Till next post!

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