DIY Clay Ring Dish

Some easy midweek DIY! Saw this on A Beautiful Mess and thought I’d give it a shot since I’m always running outta places to chuck my rings and little accessories. I wanted something more vintage, so I stuck with just white, gold and black. Plus, it was much easier if you didn’t had to mix the other colors together
So here’s what you will need. Clay-you can get them from craft stores, just make sure when you purchase them they are like playdough, squishable in a way or another ( I bought some harden ones from 1u and they were a nightmare to work with). Ignore the gold clay btw, I didn’t end up using it!

Let’s get started!
Just roll out the white clay into a ball, then flatten it down with a rolling pin

Pop them into your oven friendly bowl, you can also roll in small strands of other colors if you want to create the marble effect. I wanted something abit more rustic so I opted out from cutting the edges even. If you want a cleaner edge, cut out a circle dough and pop it into your dish before baking them.

Bake them at the instructions given by the clay and once it’s done take them out and let them cool completely before taking them out of the bowl.

then take some gold acrylic paint and paint the edges of it

That’s it! Super easy! You can seal them with seal spray if you want but I didn’t had any of those lying around the house so this will do!

I tried using some other colors to see how they turn out too, not too bad! You can experiment with the dough to see what works best for you

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