Lancôme Spring 2016 My Parisian Pastels review

So I’ve been using the Lancôme Spring 2016 My Parisian Pastels shimmer cubes for a little while now, purchased them just before Chinese New Year and have been quite obsessed with them.
So I thought I’d recreate something based on the lid design but I’ll add my little own Malaysian twist to it since I’m no where near in beautiful Paris. What do you guys think? Sure it’s no puppy but you gotta admit sunny’s pretty cute too ey
Anyways, here’s the items I’ve used to recreate this look.

All items are true to color so I didn’t think I’ll need a swatch but the formulation is amazing.

The shimmer cubes feel almost like a powdery creme formula which goes really really well on your eyelids without creasing! Though if you follow according to the lid, not all colors are adviced to be used on your eyelids(Of course, I didn’t follow em rules) but the furthest left column and furthest right are suggested to be used on your eyelids as eyeshadows and if you sweep your powder blush on alll the 9 cubes, you’ll get this beautiful shimmer highlighter which I’m really obsessed with.

The blush that I’ve been using quite a lot recently. As you can tell, I’m starting to make a little mark but application is ridiculously easy. I usually apply all of them using my fingers. Easy to blend, no hassle and so good to bring along during travels too
As for my lips, well unfortunately I didn’t manage to purchase the lipstick, pity, but I did used one of my fav Lancome lipsticks for the look

I’ve first applied the eyeshadow base on my lids, and used color number 2 on the inner lids, and color 6 for the outer lids and a tinge of color 9 for contouring. Then finishing it off with my Lancome mascara.Absolutely loving the outcome

J’adore Paris, même les croissants parlent le francais~

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