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Thought I’d do a quick week recap. Last week marks a brand new start for a lot of things in my life. Made a trip to somewhere to finalize some stuff(Never thought I’d had to go) but such is life, but always for a reason.

Then I very luckily got an invite to UnderArmour X Biotherm’s event on the 8th of March for International Womens Day. After one hour of solid Yoga and a 2 min 45 seconds plank, it’s safe to say I’ve done enough exercise for the week(Jokes aside, I’m thinking of starting gymming again). Met the very lovely Debbie Goh and also the super beautiful Deborah Henry. If you guys are looking for gymwear, def give Under Armour a look because they’ve got some really nice gym apparel!

Then Wednesday and Thursday was a blur, spent most the time catching up with highschool mates and also with drinks, our recent fav bar is Bond’s Winedown at Uptown. Had a super quiet Friday and got myself all prep, ready and excited for Ed Alonzo’s show on Saturday at Genting.
Alonzo’s show was really good, loved the super cute duck and Mr fluffers, and if you’ve missed his show, ah well, I really wouldn’t know what to say to comfort because the show was seriously worth the trip up Genting! but fret not Aaron Crow will be performing his routine in Genting soon too! Ed also had a guest performer for his show, Aerial Manx, whom I thought is crazy (if swallowing a 42cm sword and doing backflips isn’t crazy I don’t know what is). I’ve seen plenty of sword swallowing act in my life, but trust me I’ve seen nothing like this before. If you ever get a chance to see him perform, please do so, or if you can’t wait, check out the link here https://youtu.be/TCJALzTosm4

and a group photo to end the post. I have quite alot of good stuff to share this week so watch this space because I’ll be back on Wednesday with a new blogpost!

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