A monthly ritual

As a female, we all go through that unpleasant time of the month. Unfortunately for me, I’m the type who’d pretty much be useless throughout the day so I’m mostly on bed rest, but even during so, it’s a pain each time each month. Lucky for me I have a routine I keep to make the experience alot bearable, so if you are like me, and hopefully trying to get a tip or two to make yourself feel better, read on and if you are a guy who is keen to finding a solution for the person you care for, good on you, you’re a keeper! I hope this will help!
You’d think the care only starts when it’s about time, but I kid you not, it’s always much better if you spend a little more time treating your body a little better before it’s time of the month. I find that a bath always warms the body up, and if it’s already that time of the month, soaking your legs in hot water always helps too. I find anything with green tea/ginger helps combat water retention,which is something I face all the time before I expect my period

A good creamy drink goes a long way. I’m a big fan of hot choc but as a healthier alternative, I like my choc chip chai too. Just brew it properly with milk/soymilk and honey and it’ll make any depressing or upsetting moments go away. Of course having a huge mug will help!

and for the thing that will be your life savior. MenstruHeat is a heatpack that is specifially designed for menstrual cramps and backaches. This thing has been a life savior, I get stomach flu very often too so I use this to relief my upset stomach too. It’s a 100% natural heat therapy that provides a non intrusive way to relax muscles and ease pain.
All you gotta do is tear open the packaging and it will gradually heat up within 10 minutes upon contact with air so it’s perfect for people who are constantly on the go or if you want a quick relief. You can purchase them here : https://pslove.co

and of course, having to be put on bed rest always helps. Find your favourite books, lite your favourite candle and you’ll feel better immediately, I promise!

and of course, getting plenty of rest always helps so make sure you have plush pillows and a comfy bed to lie in

If you are looking at this post in hopes to giving someone a care kit, here’s something you can give every month without breaking the bank. Get a book of their preference, and make sure they only get to read it when it’s time, a packet of Yuzu Tea(only because it’s in a little handy packet and they really do make you feel better),download their favourite songs into a playlist(a little old school I know but it works I promise),a packet of MenstruHeat(they also do monthly subscription delivery), a little candle from Bath and Body Works always does the trick.

MenstruHeat sent me their products but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I only ever work with brands and products I really love.
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