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Last Saturday was good fun. I woke up at about half past 11( had one few too many drinks with the gang the night before) and frantically got ready to pick Illy up(was suppose to pick her up at half past 11 eeks). Jurlique was ever so kind to extend their invitation out to us for a very interesting arvo session with them at Empire Damansara
If you haven’t heard about Jurlique story, you should *click here* With their vision of wanting to connect people back to the nature
就上个周末,我和Illy 去了 Jurlique 的 event. Jurlique 这个牌子相信都会有听过吧,至于Jurlique 的故事,不知是否都听过了,没有的话,*按这
Jurlique 的宗旨很简单,就想把人类和大自然再度连结起来。现代城市人因为工作,生活的因素,往往忘了其实我们人的生活和大自然有个很密切的关系。
They recently relaunched their new entire handcream editions, with a complete new packaging. With global warming on a pressing issue, it’s nice to see brands actually doing changes to help combat this issue.
The new packaging reduces the enviromental impact by 28%, eliminates 70% of wastage production and save 1,351000L water, 273000kg of solid waste and 40500 carbon emissions each year! That’s very impressive don’t you think?

Their iconic rose hand cream is their best seller, which is rich in rose extracts and exclusive biodynamict blend of potent farm ingredients. Personally I’m a huge fan of the jasmine, but with for their handcream I’m a huge fan of their lavender scent. Not sure why but I’m not a huge rose scent lover haha.
爱玫瑰花香的人可以注意咯,Jurlique 家的护手霜可是出名的哦。我个人偏爱茉莉花的花香但是他家的护手霜我可是对薰衣草的味道情有独钟呢~ 玫瑰嘛,还是留给喜欢玫瑰的人好了哈哈哈
We spent half our time there actually trying to pot our own terrarium, I’m not a huge fan of potting my own plant, only because my plants and I never do tend to have a very long lasting friendship, but we did, and my plant has lasted for a good 3 days before it showed sign of wilting T.T
我们整个下午就忙着重植我们的rosemary, 可是不知道为什么我和我自己种的植物总是只有那么短暂的缘分,才那么的几天我的植物已经开始出现枯萎的现象了。。我真的真的有在浇水好不好 *默默的哭泣种*

credits to Choi Peng for the photos

I think handcare is extremely important, and often ever so neglected. We show signs of aging and our age just by our hands so it’s very important for one to make sure their hands are well taken care of. If you are looking for a handcream, drop by your nearest Jurlique counter to check out their formulation. Personally I find them very nourishing, which works very well with my dry skin but just give it a shot when you drop by their counter, pamper your hand a little and give your hands their well deserve treatment!

我个人觉得护手这个环节是特别重要的,尤其是当我们常常在办公室冷气房里,最容易忽略的就是我们的双手了。 手啊,你照顾不好的话,就很容易看得出你的年龄,所以真的需要做足手部的护理疗程。 Jurlique 护手霜就胜于很滋润,对皮肤干燥的人特别适合,所以不要忘了到附近的Jurlique 店试试哦

Jurlique was ever so kind to invite me to their event but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I only ever work with brands and products I really love.

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