A day in Otaru| 小樽之旅

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It’s a little difficult to write according to days as some of the days we were there, we did nothing but shop(you can watch my Japan shopping Haul *here*) so I’m just gonna categorize them into locations instead. We took a train to Otaru, which you can easily purchase tickets from Sapporo Eki (Sapporo Station) and depending on your timing, it takes approx half hour to 45 minutes depending on the train ride you take to Otaru. We passed by the ocean, which was so beautiful, and we also saw heaps of snow, on our way there.
说真的,若要一天一天的写的话,还真的有点难度,毕竟我们有些天除了逛街还是逛街(看我败的东西)所以用地点来写下记录会好多了。今天就来写小樽吧。小樽离sapporo 不太远,你若坐了快车,其实也就差不多半小时的车程,所以还算是很靠近的。车程中还会看到大海,真的很不错呢~其实沿路还看到了很多雪。真的感觉太棒了

Hat : H&M
Top: From Japan
Jacket: From Japan
Jeans : Uniqlo
Shoes: From Japan
Confession: It wasn’t really snowing that much, we had to climb up the snow piles to get this photo
We opted to stay at a homestay, mainly because we knew we were gonna be out the whole day and we did really quite appreciate our stay here.

The host was extremely friendly, and if you were too lazy to take a bus, you could just cab, which will only cost you around 800 yen(which was worth it because if we had taken the bus it would have cost all of us a total of 990 yen) to the Otaru train station.
这次就破例住了民宿。其实屋子还算蛮舒服的,主人也超级热情~ 主要还是还蛮靠近火车站了,就算是坐了德士,也就800yen的路程(我们五个人若坐巴士都得花上了一千日币了。
We got a day pass, which was 750 yen per person, well if you are doing just single rides, then it will just cost you 220 per ride but if you know if you are doing more than 4 rides in total, I’d strongly recommend the day pass.
看你当天的行程吧,你若需要坐上四次的巴士的话,我会建议你买个全天巴士票,就750yen, 因为单程的巴士票价是220 yen~
Otaru Canal
Getting to the canal was easy. All you gotta do was get off at the Otaru Canal Terminal, walk down the street,cross the roads, and you are good to go
到小樽运河很容易,就在小樽运河(Otaru Canal Terminal)巴士站停下,然后沿着路走,过个马路就可以了,很方便,整个路程不到几分钟

and when you are done, you can either walk down the streets of Otaru City, or you could take the trishaw
Want a ride?

If you are feeling abit for a nibble, there’s plenty to eat!
Fav Bites | 最爱吃
Letao Ice cream in Milk and Cheese Twist
Letao Double Fromage Cheesecake
Letao Greentea Cheesecake

For dinner, I headed off alone for one of the highly recommended sushi-ya in town. It was about a 7 minutes walk from Otaru Station, not too difficult to find but I would highly recommend saving down the address and properly going through google map before finding it as the place was nicely tuck in an alleyway. Also would recommend making reservations to avoid disappointment!
Price: Depending on what you order, I did the Dai Set omakase and it was a set of 12 sushis for 3900 Yen
Service: super good!
晚餐呢,我一个人跑去了小樽很出名的寿司店吃了。很庆幸我自己做了预约,因为到了的时候还是满人了。 其实要找到这个地方还不难,只不过因为店是在小街里,所以去之前若没有internet data 的人最好先做好了功课。从Otaru 火车站需要走个7分钟左右
价钱: 我选了12个寿司的omakase,价钱在3900yen
And that’s it for my Otaru Trip! Took the cab back to the station and headed back to Sapporo for a day out at Noboribetsu, which I will blog about soon!
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