Makeup tutorial (First Impression with Sisley)

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So before I start, I just wanna quickly highlight that I’ve done a very interesting treatment to my skin and I’m absolutely loving the results. I will further blog about it soon , but it’s just really awesome because the treatment leaves your skin as though as you’ve had foundation on.
So, you will see in this blogpost, I will not be using any foundation at all
现事先说明哦,我在做这个makeup tutorial 前,做了一个脸部的疗程,特爱他的效果,基本上来说呢,就是会让你的皮肤犹如放了粉底似的,所以在这个tutorial里,我就直接跳过粉底的那个步骤咯。我迟一些会把那个疗程仔细写上来和你们分享哦~
Bare face | 素颜
Base | 底妆
As a base, I’m gonna use my Guerlain meteorites primer, which I absolutely love as a base. This really brightens up the skin and makes applying your makeup so much nicer after!


就先放这个Guerlain 的 底妆。说真的,最近真的严重爱上这个产品啊,那抹上去过后的效果真的太明显了

Concealer | 遮瑕膏
Then with makeup, let us start with a concealer, just a little will do around the places I have highlighted in the photo, then blend!

Eyeshadow | 眼影
Gonna first use a very light brown color for the eyelids

Then take a darker color and just draw out this > shape on the outer corners of your eyes , ending with a thin brown liner on ur eyelids

然后就一个比较深色的棕色在外眼皮画出一个 > 的形状,然后用个棕色的眼线在眼上细细画上一条线就好
Sisley Eyeliner Pop | 蓝眼线
I’m gonna play with abit of colors this time around, I saw Mr Kate did something similar on her recent youtube tutorial and since I had the Sisley liner in Lagoon, I thought I’d just recreate a similar look. Ive just lined the bottom of my eyes with this beautiful blue liner. The formulation of the liner is so creamy and so rich it glides on your skin like butter. I love it(of course, I’d love it even more if it wasn’t so expensive!)
因为眼影和上眼线已经用了棕色了,就还是其他的颜色会觉得有点闷吧。Sisley 之前有送了我一只眼线笔,就想说之前看到视频有用了棕色和蓝色的颜色化妆,效果还挺好的,就想说来试试。眼线笔的formulation 还真的好好用,就轻轻一划,颜色就上来了,特爱啊,可是我说啊,这眼线笔价钱还真的不便宜啊
Curl your eyelashes and put on a generous coat of mascara, and don’t forget to fill in your brows!!

Pick your fav blusher, in my case I’m using tarte blush in the color Charisma

就到你的腮红咯,我用的是 Tarte 的 Charisma
Then use your fav highlighter to highlight the following areas~

然后就为了让五官更突出,记得在以下的地方放点higlighting powder 哦
Lip Color | 唇色
Phyoto Lip Twist in color 13. Honestly, I’m so in love with the formulation of the Sisley products but I guess with all really high quality makeup, it doesn’t come cheap but if you do ever get a chance to play with them, def do so. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at their products! Loved their lipsticks as they are so moisturizing and so pigmented!
若可以的话啊,我还真的好想在Sisley 狂买了,他家的东西还真的好好用,可是价钱啊,还真的不是很便宜。 你们若有机会去试试他们的产品的话,真的可以去看看。唇笔画在嘴唇上感觉一点都不会干,也好好上色啊

Results | 成品


After(photo completely unedited with sufficient sunlight)

化妆后 (充足太阳光拍的,完全没修图哦)~
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