Of Boryeong Muds and Catchup sessions

April has been treating me amazing well! I’ve got so many things I want to share but being able to find time to sit down and write it all is quite a luxury for me now. I’m really trying to just update at max 3 times a week (any more feels really like a spam and too much information at a go ). You guys should know by now my blog is also like a journal to me so this might be a little more of a personal post, things I really really genuinely enjoyed in the last 2 weeks and want to remember for a long time from now
Boryeong Mud

I’ll probably start from the weekend before last. Got a very nice invite from Tim to attend the Boryeong Mud launch at NuSentral. If you are a massive fan of anything Korea, I’m sure you’d heard of Boryeong. Boryeong or more commonly known as Daecheon is a city in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. It’s located on the coast of the Yellow sea and is popular for their Boryeong Mud Festival every summer.
Boryeong Mud products are strictly managed by the organization of Rupublic of Korea so it’s got super strict QC. My fav 3 items from the range would have to be these 3.

上上个星期啊,我就去了 NuSentral 的 Boryeong Mud 的 Media Launch. 喜欢韩国的人对保宁这个地方一定也不陌生吧,保宁泥土的好处我就不需要多说了,可是他家的产品我特别喜欢这三个哦

Boryeong Mud New Real Mud Hand Cream
For those who have extra sensitive skin, this hand cream contains real mud which will not only help relieve itchiness and calm your skin, it will also strengthen your skin over time.RRP RM 89 for 100ML


Boryeong Mud Magic Foam Pack
I was lucky to be given a chance to try their products at the launch session and I must say I’m super impressed with the foampack. It deeply cleanses your skin and leave your skin feeling super smooth, and if you want, you can also leave it on for 3 minutes as a mask with exfoliating effects and trust me, you will see the diff on your skin by the time you are done. Do take note though that you are only advice to use this at most 2 times a week.


Real Mud Mask Sheet
And of course, you just can’t do korean products without a mask sheet. This little face mask contains real mud powder in their facemask, which is why like in the picture you will see that the product is black. If you are traveling to colder climates and seriously need your skin to be doing well, this is the product you will have to have with you. Promise you won’t regret it!
Johor Bahru | 新山
C is actually relocating down to JB for work, so he’s been doing alot of trips down south and me and M thought it’d be cool to just kinda make a roadtrip out of it on one of the Sundays awhile back. We decided just the day before, prep our spotify list, woke up at 7 on the day itself, headed to the petrol station, bought snacks and started our lil trip

我们的好朋友 C 因为工作要搬迁到新山了(好想哭啊) 可是,也就是因为这样,我和M 就可以很理所当然的要 C 带我们去新山走一趟了。其实也算是很冲动的,就前一天按摩的时候决定了,第二天早上7点起床,去油站买了零食就出发了。
Would you trust a porcupine if he has no points?
No, cause he’d be pointless
Flowers in the Window Cafe
C had some stuff to attend to in the morning and once he was done, all we did was ate, ate and ate more food before having to come back to KL. We spent most our time actually at this cafe call Flowers in the Window, which is super super pretty and cool and really enjoyed their cakes there.

C 早上有点东西要处理,所以等他处理好事情了都快中午了,我们就开始吃(其实来新山的目的也是为了吃而已),然后就去了这家蛮特别的咖啡厅喝茶吃蛋糕(我身边的朋友怎么都那么爱吃蛋糕啊) 。他家的蛋糕还真的挺好吃的,我自己本身很喜欢吃她们的lemon basil cake,可是M 却喜欢她们的fruit cake

Then after cakes, we went for ice cream, which was pretty good too!
And for dinner, we went for my absolute fav beehon place. San Lou Mee Fen. Kid you not, the wait was so long and service just really needed improving but the food, oh the food was so so amazing!
晚餐呢,我们就跑到了三楼米粉吃晚饭(说是晚饭,可是就是五点半吃的) 说真的这个地方真的有点辛苦,天气闷热,然后要等很久,服务也不是很好,但是食物真的特别特别特别特别好吃。我自己平时不是很喜欢吃米粉的,可是这家的米粉我可是大爱啊
Closer Kitchen & HuckleBerry
Then some of the coffee sessions that I think were quite worth visiting are Closer Kitchen and of course, my all time favourite Huckleberry. Of course the people I had the coffee were the highlight of my whole session =)
然后爱咖啡的人可以考虑到这两家试试看哦(Closer Kitchen 和 Huckleberry)。我自己本身是很喜欢的,当然,到咖啡店最喜欢的,还是和喜欢的朋友一起喝咖啡的那个时刻了
Elegantology with Jes Chew
Elegantology (15)
Elegantology (12)
A 3 course meal specially curated by Chef Jes Chew. Each of his dish was done up with a twist of our local flavours. Very impressive I feel, particularly loved my beef and the squid pasta, oh and wait, the pumpkin soup was so good too!! With the Martell pairing, I felt it was quite a indulgent lunch. I would def recommend checking him out whilst he’s still here. He’s a guest chef for Elegantology for 3 months.
Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant
Operating Hours: 10am-11pm daily
Tel: 03-6206 5577 (Restaurant) / 03-6206 5599 (Gallery)
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