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I can finally justify blogging about this event because it’s now slightly closer to launch date (June, so just about a month from now) but it is such an amazing and affordable product I’m really really looking forward to having them in Malaysia. I’ve managed to convince quite a fair bit of people onto the bandwagon, for good reasons, my skin has been so good despite the horrible weather and I cannot thank this product enough because it’s the only cleanser I’ve been using, with my recent addiction to applying a full on makeup for the face

The place was decked out all in white and blue, which is so pleasing to the eye and the photos, and honestly, the amount of foam there was on the swimming pool! Reminds me so much of the foam party I attended in Penang awhile back! I was really much more amused with the floating flamingo than anything else really haha, but seriously, the amount of effort put in for the event was just incredible!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.06.28 PM
Good skin starts with clean skin
Senka, with their blue hue packaging metaphors ultimate freshness, moisture and hydration for the skin. It is currently Japan number one best selling cleanser!
Senka Cleanser Full Range| 専科洗脸霜全系列
Senka Range| 専科系列
The Foam|泡沫
I bet you guys will ask, so why foam? Well did you know if when cleansing your skin, to optimize your cleansing result, it would be better if you foamed up your product first before using the foam to cleanse your skin? The foam, if it’s fine and thick enough can really cleanse your skin throughly without you having to go really hard on your skin.Senka foam is so fine it holds up together even if you have your hand tilted towards the ground
你们知道吗,洗脸霜其实要先起泡才能用泡沫来洗脸哦,不然效果没那么好~ 所以洗脸霜弄出来的泡沫真的会影响你洗脸的过程。太水的泡沫也真的其实做不了什么好效果啊。你看専科洗脸霜弄出来的泡沫,手倒着都没问题哦~
Of course with every pretty event, you’ll have

Can you guess?
Photos of course! Also, photo credits to Shivani!

Using the product | 产品试用

After a few weeks of trying the product, I have to say these 2 are my absolute fav. They leave the skin so soft and supple after washes and they smell soo soo good and comforting too

PR 超好的,送了我们一整套洗脸霜,可是这两个产品是那么多个里面是我最喜欢的。洗脸过后脸上真的觉得脸部超级有弹性的感觉,而且产品味道也真的好舒服
Speedy Perfect Whip
This honestly has got to be my fav. I personally cannot be bothered trying to foam up the product every single time coz I’m just really really lazy and this does just the work for me! It’s slightly pricier than the normal Senka wash but honestly, it’s still really really affordable! I’m already waiting for the launch date so I can restock! I’ve been having little paranoid moments(no I’m being serious) of running out of this product before they hit shores here! It’s priced at RM 24.90
说真的,这个绝对是我的最爱。一来我自己也超懒惰的,要我每天洗脸的之前还要花时间来弄出泡沫,我真的觉得我会半途放弃了。 所以这个自动泡沫器绝对是为我定制的(自恋到不行耶) 可是真的,我还没想过自己会那么喜欢一个洗脸霜,我基本上来说已经没碰我其他的洗脸霜了,除非自己每个星期的scrub, 不然就是会自动用这个产品。 这个洗脸霜也就 RM24.90, 价钱真的很亲民啊

Perfect Whip

But if you aren’t as lazy as I am, and if you really enjoy just making foams, or if you want a total control to how you want your cleanser to turn out, you can also opt for their best selling cleanser at RM 13.90

RM 13.90
It def lived up to the foam test! | 你看你看泡沫倒过来都没问题哦


Verdict | 结论
I freaking love this cleanser! I’m def repurchasing it when they launch it because I’m already dreading it running out!
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