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Twas was the long weekend, so you can expect this blogpost to be rather long too. I’ll try and keep it short and simple but there’s just way too much I’d wanna share. Last month was such a good month but this month is looking rather good too, so I’m really really looking forward to it! So anyways, C was relocating down south for work and me being the super nice friend, offered to drive down so I could help C with the luggages. I managed to sneak in a dinner with the lovely Carinn and Cynthia and also did a very good half day trip to Singapore to pick up some stuff I needed.
长周末就这样过去了,真的觉得时间过得好快啊。这个周末我还做了蛮多东西的,想说样样写下来的话,这篇应该超长的,所以就直接写下比较值得一提的东西吧。 其实离开吉隆坡主要目的也是因为觉得城市生活真的好繁华,有时候还真的会很累。我个人本来就不喜欢城市生活,所以偶尔任性(明明就没有偶尔),加上也要帮好朋友搬迁,就用了这个借口开车下新山顺便到新加坡流浪了一下。
This is a very interesting cafe, I only managed to use my DSLR before walking into the cafe because the cafe has a no DSLR policy(unless you’ve made reservations for meals and have a minimum spending of RM100 per pax, so I’ve been told) and I was actually really dissapointed because the place is so beautiful!
首先还是要提到这家餐厅,说真的好漂亮,可是觉得不能用dslr 拍照还真的太可惜了。如果你坚持要用dslr 拍照的话,你需要事前预约哦,而且每个人需要在餐厅花100令吉的费用才可以用专业相机拍照哦。

We ordered ourselves quite a fair bit of drinks really, a lemon grass tea(which I quite like) the ice lemon tea(not too bad) and a rose latte because I’m a sucker for anything that looks pretty on camera. I also did order their signature chocolate cake, which is actualy really nice, dark choc for the win but I wasn’t a big fan of their base coz I’m not a raisin fan.
我们点了一些饮料和蛋糕,之前吃了午饭才过去的,所以对正餐还真的吃不下。饮料来说,是不错啦,可是说真的柠檬和香草的饮料如果还做不好的话,这个餐厅真的问题就很到了。蛋糕也不错哦,我自己本身是不喜欢raisins,所以对蛋糕的base 还有点小挑剔,可是整体来说是蛮不错。个人建议约会可以来这个地方谈谈情哦
If there’s one reason I should give for you to convince you to go down south, it would be this dessert place. I’m such a huge fan of this place the people working in already know me by the desserts I’ve had and not had!
Kota Tinggi Waterfall
So since it was the long weekends and I was already bored of the city, I dragged JM along with me to the waterfalls. I say drag because I’m the only person crazy enough to not plan before a trip in the group. But I did plan to purchasing mozzie repellants, and I thought that was the best planning decision I’ve made throughout the day lol. I HAD NO MOZZIE BITES! That, and the place has absolutely no signal so all you can do is relax and enjoy mother nature

Entrance was RM7.50 per person, and if you drive in you’ll have to pay extra for your car but if you are not willing to pay for it you can always park outside and walk in instead, though I still wouldn’t recommend that because RM3.20 for the car entrance wasn’t too bad of a fee.

Whisk & Paddle
This is just a short entry on Singapore cafe. We drove down one of the days just to get some stuff and I really enjoyed the short getaway here for brunch. It’s such a different view compared to all the other cafes around town. Sure it would have been a pain getting there without a car but the view was worth it. Only downside? The place is an open area cafe so it can get too warm during the arvos
Detox with Spa Ceylon

If you asked what I did the minute I came back to KL, my answer will be to detox again. I’ve had so much food it was quite shocking. Not that I’m usually on a diet but a long weekend with nothing but food and food(plenty I’m not writing down either because I was busy eating instead of taking photos) so a detox was def on my must do list when I got back. Got this set of detox package from Spa Ceylon, which you should totally check out if you are into all these organic products. I’m usually not too fussed but I am currently in love with their Sleep series. They also do online sales so you need not visit the outlet to purchase your fix, which is always a total win for me
I also love how they have little travel sets you can bring along for your next getaway or staycation because trust me, we all deserve some good pampering with this hectic city life.

我个人觉得在城市生活压力超大的,很多时候都是无形间的压力,自己可能也习惯了这些压力,但是心里总是觉得特别不舒服。我就刚刚好前几个礼拜有机会试用 Spa Ceylon 的产品。说真的我还真的好喜欢他们的系列,毕竟都是天然的材料加上那种用了产品会让你觉得你自己身处在一个超豪华的spa的感觉。价钱也不会说特别过分,最重要的还是可以上网买他家的产品,不然想到又要开车,泊车去买个解压产品我还真的觉得更有压力了(明明就是自己超懒惰的)
And that is it for my long weekend post! If you are going down JB, do check out the places I’ve suggested and let me know your thoughts on it too!
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