Off shoulder top tips | 露肩穿出小性感

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I think off shoulder crops are MASSIVE this coming season and with our weather here in south east asia, it’s not difficult to find an excuse to jump onto the bandwagon and have some extra crop top in your wardrobe collection. However, they can be quite tricky as you are showing off more skin than usual and this means you have got to put in a little extra effort/exercise to really rock the top

Sticker Tattoo | 纹身贴

Sticker tattoos are a great way to really spice up your outfit. Go creative because you can never really go wrong with them and if you do, just use a oil based makeup remover/lotion to remove it and you are good to go! Of course you don’t have to limit yourselves to just your shoulders/arm, make a choker out of your sticker tattoos if you have those long stripe tatts

Collarbone Cheat | 锁骨小心机
This to me is a super important step, only because I’m usually very lazy with exercising but still want to look good with my off shoulder top with my collarbone being obvious. So to get that look, I cheat with my highlighter. Kid you not this step is mega good because it really does make the collarbone pop
这步很重要,很重要很重要。反正都是露肩了,所以锁骨也特别重要。我自己本身属于懒惰型,所以要很明显的锁骨还真的不简单。可就因为这样,我就会想懒人的方法来把锁骨带出来。 是有点奸诈,可是爱美嘛 =p 而且效果也超明显的
Before | 之前
Just apply the highlighter onto where your collarbone is

Results | 成果
You can tell which collarbone has highlighter applied onto

Body Scrub | 去死皮
Of course with us showing more skin, it’s only a matter of time when one brings up the topic of scrubbing. I love organic scrubs but I personally think sugar scrubs are the best, only because I feel that they are a lot less harsh on the skin than salts. My current favourite scrub would have to be from Princess Malaysia, which is RM35 for a good big bottle of scrub and they smell darn freaking good!
那都需要露香肩了,不去死皮怎么行~我自己本身喜欢用比较天然的去死皮产品,可是也不太喜欢盐scrub, 觉得还是有点痛,不是很喜欢那个感觉。我最近特爱,也不是最近了,是一直都很喜欢
的去死皮scrub 。他们家的东西全天然的,超香,而且也就rm35 一大罐。
Little exercises |小运动
Of course for more obvious results, you’d wanna consider actually doing a little chest/ neck/collarbone exercises to make things easier. Swimming and running will help as well as doing stretches on a daily basis
当然还是做运动效果最好了,可以的话,自己在家做点pushup 或颈部拉筋运动都很有帮助哦
Where to buy |败家时间
Click on the images and it will lead you straight to the website to purchase

Happy shopping and Happy Weekend All!

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