Huckleberry After Dark

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Huckleberry After Dark


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I’ve always been a huge fan of Huckleberry, so when I got the invite for their After Dark menu, I was really looking forward to it. I didn’t know what to expect at first, because I’ve only been there during the day and the breakfast/brunch menu didn’t seem like the kinda food I’ll have for dinner.
When I arrived I was quite excited with the menu, plenty of cocktails and alot interesting experiments! I did drink quite a fair bit so I stayed on till quite late at the food review sobering up before heading home. Had such a gret time talking to the bartenders and learning so much more about what goes behind the bar I told myself I’d bring M the next time I came, and we did.

If you’ve been Huckleberry during the day, and have not been here night, and still think you are not missing out much, then you are missing out quite alot. Huckleberry after dark has a totally different vibe at night, they close kitchen at around 1630 hours for lunch, only to reopen at 1830 hours(but huckleberry after night opens at 1730 hours) with totally different ambience, food menu, drinks menu and music.

I was totally excited to see Pimms on the menu, and of course I was really excited to see both white and red sangria (anything alcoholic with fruits is good) but Huckleberry after dark also does alcoholic milkshake, now how cool is that. You have the interesting ones like Salted Caramel Milkshake,Red Velvet Milkshake and A$AP Rocky Road Milkshake but I have to be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan because I’m not usually a milkshake person to begin with anyways. But I did enjoy their other cocktails, particularly the Basil Grande.

I went for the food review and really enjoyed my night, then I thought I’d come back again with May to try out the food again before so I know which are def my fav to order when in Huckleberry after Dark


I’m so spoilt with choices of food I don’t know what to orderMay
And that was exactly how we felt when we were looking through the menu. There was SO MANY THINGS to choose from and even after the food tasting,I was still trying to decide what I wanted. We ended up ordering a guacamole burger, which I love, and the “Another one Bites the Crust Pizza” pizza to share.I’m not sure if it would really fit into the crust pizza pizza but I loved everything that was on the pizza itself. The yolk breaks when you cut and serve your pizza (egg yolk porn cue) and the serving was def too much for us two to share.
As for drinks, we ordered ourselves a jug of Pimms and loved it, finished it so quickly (service was really good too, they were so attentive to us) and ordered ourselves another glass cocktail each. I went again for the Basil Grande and I must say it is def one of my fav cocktail for now.
I even got a little strawberry cut out into a rose by the bartender! How sweet!


Would I come back? You can be sure I def will!

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