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If you are a fan of Snow crab, you’ve gotta check out this place in Publika! I was recently invited over for lunch and I must say I was really impressed by their fried rice and porridge! I’m not a foodie foodie per say(folllow Taufulou for good food rec!) but I do enjoy good food in general so thought I’d share with you guys my thoughts on the food =D
Tsubohachi is a restaurant outlet from Japan and they have Japanese Chef coming in every 3 months to check on their food quality. The interior decor is quite japanese-y I feel. According to the explanation of the manager, they even hired local Japanese to design the shop
爱吃北海道Snow crab的人注意啦~你不再需要去到北海道才能吃到好吃的雪蟹咯! 现在在吉隆坡的 Tsubohachi Izakaya Malaysia也可以吃到价钱合理好吃的雪蟹了!这家是北海道Tsubohachi Izakaya 的分行店,每三个月都会有日本厨师来肯定食物是否符合标准.店里的装饰还蛮重日本风格的,听店员解释,店里还请了日本师傅来设计的哦
This is their signature dish, featuring the Zuwaigani Nabe hot pot(RM 79.90). I find it pretty, especially now during rainy days but the crab Zōsui (porridge) stole the highlight during my lunch visit there
最近一直下大雨啊,吃点热热的心情也会好起来。来到这边,不吃他们的雪蟹火锅(RM 79.90)是有点对不起自己了,可是我超级无敌爱吃他们家的雑炊(粥水),自己本身平时其实不怎么爱吃粥,觉得淡淡无味的,有点浪费自己肚子空间的感觉,可是他们家的螃蟹粥吃起来超够味,又不会很腻,所以超赞的
I super love this fried rice, but the only reason why it didn’t make it to my fav food during this trip was because when it was cold( was also our fault because we kept getting our cameras to take photos of the food first) the texture and taste changes slightly. I highly recommend it but PLEASE EAT IT WHILE IT’S HOT!
Ankake Kani Chahan- RM22.90
这个雪蟹炒饭!!!!!! 怎么说呢,这个吃起来的那刹那,真的有很幸福的感觉。 真的真的真的好好吃!可是啊,绝对要趁热吃!千万不要像我们这种“不管怎么样一定要先让相机先吃”的人,等饭冷了才吃第二口,味道就没那么好吃了。(RM22.90)
This is my absolute fav dish. I don’t quite know how to explain this, but if you really want a very good explanation you can go to Taufulou‘s blog for a more in depth description but for a person like me who generally cannot finish her food, and hardly likes porridge, I almost finished this bowl up, which is quite a rare thing to happen.
Kani Zosui-RM29.90
我的最爱~~~~我的雪蟹粥。这个超好吃。我真的觉得我词穷了,只知道平时吃食物的分量少得可怜,又不爱吃粥的我,竟然把这碟粥给吃完了(好啦,间中有给朋友吃了两小口)。价格(Kani Zosui-RM29.90)

Can’t be an izakaya if you haven’t got grilled items, All these are priced at RM7.80 and they’ve got some interesting grilled items too. I’m personally not a fan of intestines but if you are, go for it.
来Izakaya 不吃串烧还有点说不过去。这几样是他们家最好卖的串烧(RM7.80),可是我自己本身是不敢吃内脏的人啦,你们喜欢吃,是可以试试看
If you want to bring your business partner here, and you guys wanna talk about business while eating, this might be a good place because they do their Shochikubai Kyoto Fushimizu Jitate (RM20.80), which they overpour your sake to signify abundanceness, cool right!
If you are a fan of Calpis, do try their pink shawa cocktail (A mixture of Calpis, syrup, soda and Vodka) but I’m a huge fan of Umeshu so needless to say, the Umeshu ended up being all mine =p
要谈生意的人可以考虑来这边一面吃饭一面谈生意哦。它们的Shochikubai Kyoto Fushimizu Jitate 烧酒(RM20.80)倒发挺特别的。就会倒到酒溢出来,对生意有吉利的象征哦

他们家还有鸡尾酒哦,女性你若喜欢日本Calpis 的你可以试试看这个Pink Shawa,(有 Calpis +Vodka +Soda +Syrup ) 我自己是喜欢喝梅酒的啦,所以左边的梅酒是被我喝清光的。
Tsubohachi Malaysia
A2-UG1-9 Publika Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur,
(facing main road/above Bestari)

Phone: +60 3-6206 5526

Tsubohachi Malaysia
A2-UG1-9 Publika Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur,

电话: +60 3-6206 5526

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