Beauty Items you must have from Watsons| 屈臣氏爱美必买

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So the other day I was very fortunate to be invited to Watson’s beauty event, which they pampered us with plenty of good looking and tasting food at the OWL, as well as a very informative workshop with makeup artist Steven Sunny. They gave us this generous box of beauty product, and along with the voucher I made a few more purchases on Watsons online, yes you can now shop on Watson online!!, opted for the store pick up and waited a few days for the products to be ready then picking it up at the Watson store. Then I thought, hey why not write a blogpost about the beauty products that I love that can be purchased from Watsons! I know heaps of people go there, and I’m sure with the crazy amount of options, we tend to get a little lost when wanting to try new things so hopefully this blogpost will help and you might even find new favs from here!
那天很庆幸被屈臣氏邀请有机会和化妆师Steven Sunny 交流。学了很多化妆心得,也得到了很多屈臣氏有卖的产品。加上他们送我们的voucher, 我自己也上网到屈臣氏的网站买了一点东西。个人觉得屈臣氏选择还蛮多的。所以真的要尝试新的产品的时候还真的有点混乱,不知道要从哪里下手才好。想说我在屈臣氏的确还有自己最喜欢买的东西,就来和大家分享下我在屈臣氏最爱买的产品了
Watson must buy |屈臣氏
If there’s anything I’m obsessed with, it’s this makeup remover by bifesta. Personally I think it’s great for makeup removing and I’ve gone through about 6 bottles of em since I’ve been introduced to it. They are very cheap(click on the image to be led to watson’s page), and they are also water based so there’s no need to wash your face again after cleansing, though I still always do. I also love their makeup remover wipes, perfect for traveling and I always have one extra packet as my spare for JIC situations
I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m always a little skeptical about facemask. I have this thing where I constantly think, well the more expensive the better it is but sometimes buying facemask can be quite depressing(you finish em so fast, and still spend so much on them). I am however still very reluctant to try the less known brand facemask that are carried from Watson but Faith in Face is one that I’m totally sold onto. I was introduced to them when I was in Korea. They are hydrogel based mask, so it’s super comfy to use and they leave such good results too! They aren’t exactly the cheapest, but def my fav pick of facemask in Watson. Now on promo for 2 for RM20, a slight cheaper than what it would cost in South Korea
说真的我对面膜还蛮挑剔的,要我用一些不知名的面膜我还真的会很不愿意。这个牌子之前是在南韩旅游的时候买过的,在南韩还蛮出名的,回到来的时候看到他们原来也刚刚新带入了这个牌子。这边价钱还比韩国便宜-.-, 早知道就在大马买算了,亏我还带了一整盒回来。可是真的,这个面膜是hydrobase, 就有点算是水胶状的,敷起来凉凉超舒服的。效果也很不错,所以推荐~
I’ve always loved my Bourjois products. Their foundation and concealer are creamy and have such good coverage it’s no wonder their products are often so hyped up by beauty gurus. I’ve been religiously using their concealer stick but this has totally replaced the stick because of it’s consistency. It’s very creamy and light making the concealing process very quick.
然后就是这个牌子的(Bourjois, 法国牌)的遮瑕膏~他家的粉底和遮瑕膏都真的很不错。很多很出名的youtuber 也会极力推荐哦。我本来是用遮瑕笔的, event过后开始用这个遮瑕膏就完全爱上了这个产品,所以有兴趣的人可以考虑看看哦。感觉还蛮轻盈的,也很容易上妆,所以不难用
Right, so there’s something about this packaging that makes me really happy looking at it. Yes it feels like you’re back to 14 trying to buy makeup suitable for your skin with the packaging but something about it just makes me keep looking at it. This product claims to give a Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting effect with their ingredient which I’m not sure how true it is but I def feel quite happy using the product itself.
Right so I’m guessing I need not introduce Maybelline again. I gotta admit their products are of hit and misses but when a product’s really good, it’s really damn darn good.For example, the barbie mascara is now my must use for mascaras, and I’m not even a big mascara fan, it’s made it to my April Fav video, which I will link down below. And this eyeliner that is priced just over RM20 is the BOMB! It’s got such a fine nib, doesn’t smudge and I LOVE IT
这个Maybelline 我就不需要多介绍了吧。说真的他们家出了那么多个产品,有些我好喜欢,有些就觉得还好,可是这两个是我这两个月来超爱的。睫毛膏很好用,而且效果也很好,眼线笔好细好细,妆也不会花掉,折扣的时候价钱也特好,也就RM20.80。很值得!
Kate and Kiss Me Eyeshadow Quad
As for eyeshadow quads, these 2 companies makes the most pigmented creamy textured eyeshadow that makes applying makeup so easy. The colors are true to box which makes it awesome when applying(oh the frustration of applying an eyeshadow color that looks different in case than in real life) and for the price you pay, it’s actually really good. They don’t crease and last quite a good amount of time on your eyelids too.
如果说眼影霜,这两家牌子都是我最爱。可能也是日本牌子的关系,这两个牌子的眼影霜都蛮可靠的,不会说因为时间久了,就会花,也不会让你觉得买了一个颜色,抹上眼影的时候是另外一个颜色的状况出现。 颜色也很出色,所以只需要一点点,就可以得到蛮出色的效果了~
And that is it for my all time beauty favs from Watsons. What are yours?Again, thank you Watson for having us for the wonderful afternoon



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